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Three Mobile Phone Survey

Three Mobile has the UK’s fastest growing network providing the latest phone models including Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 4S, Blackberry Curve 9320 and HTC Desire C.

Do you have a personal or business mobile phone contract or pay as you go phone with 3 Mobile? Have you had any problems with the service or issues with your phone you needed help with? How did 3 Mobile go with rectifying your problem? Was the service easy to understand and efficient or could it have been improved?

3 Mobile Phone Customer Survey 

The 3 Mobile survey is designed to find out if their customer service and support is helping to resolve issues that you may have with your phone or if you were not satisfied with the service you received. Give your feedback and help 3 to improve its customer service and find out what they are doing well.

www.three.co.uk/three_co_uk/Customer_Survey – 3 Mobile Online Survey
3 Mobile value your feedback and are asking customers to take a few minutes to take part in the customer experience survey. To share your opinion go to www.three.co.uk/three_co_uk/Customer_Survey and select your answers from the multiple-choice questions. There is also space to add additional comments on your customer service experience with 3 Mobile.

About 3 Mobile Phone Customer Survey 

Website: www.three.co.uk/three_co_uk/Customer_Survey

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