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The UK's largest stores offer Online Surveys with sweepstake prizes. UK Store Surveys is your guide to online store surveys, competitions and vouchers online from restaurants, hardware stores and other online stores. Great discounts and prizes to be given away! Some of our favourite UK Store Surveys:

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Champion Customer Survey

Now is your chance to tell Champion what you think, by taking part in their survey champion-feedback.co.uk. Champion Sports is a chain of Irish sports stores, that were bought by the JD Sports Fashion company in 2011. Champion Sports stocks a wide range of sporting apparel, footwear and gear for men, women and children.

Champion Sports Feedback Survey – Win 100€ gift card

What was your last visit to Champion Sports like? Were the staff members helpful, friendly and knowledgeable? How would you rate the merchandise, including clothing, shoes and accessories? Share your thoughts in the Champion Survey champion-feedback.co.uk and you could win a 100€ gift card.

Entering Champion Sports Survey – champion-feedback.co.uk

It’s very easy to complete this customer survey.

  1. Visit champion-feedback.co.uk.
  2. Using your receipt or invite card, enter the location code.
  3. Answer questions about your last visit to a Champion store.
  4. Rate your satisfaction with the range of merchandise, customer service and general store appearance.
  5. Continue through the survey by answering questions and leaving feedback on your shopping experience.
  6. When required, enter your personal details, including your name, email and a contact phone number.
  7. You will then be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a 100€ Champion Sports gift card.

About Champion Customer Feedback Survey

Survey Link: champion-feedback.co.uk
Survey Prize: Chance to win 100€ Champion Sports gift card.

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Cloggs Customer Feedback Survey

If you’ve recently shopped at a Cloggs store, be sure to enter their customer survey at www.cloggs-feedback.com. Cloggs started in 1998 and have since sold more than 1 million pairs to shoes, to customers from all over the world. With a wide range of leading brands, such as Dr Martens, UGG Australia, Converse, Birkenstock, Vans and Hunter Wellies, you’ll be able to find something to suit at Cloggs.

Cloggs Home of Footwear Survey – Win £100 Cloggs gift card

Why do you shop at Cloggs when looking for a new pair of shoes? Is it because they have a great range of footwear options for women, men and kids? Do you love being able to browse through the top brands in store and online? Leave feedback in the Cloggs Survey www.cloggs-feedback.com and you could win a £100 Cloggs gift card.

How to Enter Cloggs Footwear Survey – www.cloggs-feedback.com

Make sure you have your latest receipt with you.

  1. Visit www.cloggs-feedback.com.
  2. Enter your receipt number and click ‘take part’ to begin.
  3. Thinking back to your shopping experience, rate a range of statements about the team members, footwear available, prices, store tidiness and more.
  4. Continue through the survey by answering questions related to your last visit to Cloggs.
  5. If you would like to leave additional feedback, you can make comments in the space provided.
  6. Enter your contact details, such as your name, email address and phone number for a chance to win a Cloggs gift card valued at £100.

About Cloggs Customer Feedback Survey

Survey Link: www.cloggs-feedback.com
Official Link: www.cloggs.co.uk
Survey Prize: Chance to win a £100 Cloggs gift card.

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Stewarts Plumbing Survey

Now is your chance to tell Stewarts Plumbing about your experience, by entering their survey at www.stewartsplumbing.co.uk/feedback. Stewarts Plumbing and Heating offer a range of services from installation to repairs and maintenance. Plus, their emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – share your thoughts

Do you regularly contact Stewarts Plumbing when you need a plumber? Have you ever hired Stewarts for heating? Tell Stewarts Plumbing what you think by participating in their customer survey at www.stewartsplumbing.co.uk/feedback. Your feedback will be used to improve their company.

Entering Stewarts Plumbing & Heating Survey – www.stewartsplumbing.co.uk/feedback

There are just five questions in this survey.

  1. Visit www.stewartsplumbing.co.uk/feedback.
  2. Enter your personal details, including your name, address and the name of your developer.
  3. Rate your experience with Stewarts Plumbing, including how you inquiry was treated.
  4. Indicate if Stewarts completed the tasks within the required timeframe.
  5. Indicate how the service you received compared to your expectations.
  6. Rate the punctuality and politeness of the plumber.
  7. Indicate how likely you are to recommend Stewarts Plumbing to others.
  8. If you would like to leave additional comments or feedback, you may type these in the space provided.
  9. Click submit to complete the survey.

About Stewarts Plumbing Survey

Survey Link: www.stewartsplumbing.co.uk/feedback
Official Link: www.stewartsplumbing.co.uk
Stewarts Plumbing values your opinions and will use your responses to improve their services.

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Reactiv Customer Feedback Survey

If your company has recently used the services of Reactiv, be sure to enter their customer survey www.reactiv.co.uk/customerfeedback. Reactiv are known for delivering ‘direct marketing with a difference.’ Their range of services includes digital marketing, lead generation, web development, app development, data rental and more.

Reactiv Customer Satisfaction Survey – give feedback on Reactiv

Why did your company hire Reactiv? Did they assist you with your digital marketing needs? How would you rate the customer service staff and sales representatives? Share your thoughts and enter their survey at www.reactiv.co.uk/customerfeedback. Your feedback is important.

Entering Reactiv Client Survey – www.reactiv.co.uk/customerfeedback

This survey takes just three minutes to complete.

  1. Visit www.reactiv.co.uk/customerfeedback.
  2. Enter your company name and job number.
  3. Answer a few questions about how you contacted Reactiv, as well as your order and satisfaction with your customer service representative.
  4. Tick the information and components you received.
  5. Rate a few more statements about your experience with Reactiv.
  6. If you have specific comments to make about Reactiv’s services, please enter these in the space provided.
  7. Enter the characters shown on-screen.
  8. Click send to submit your survey responses.

About Reactiv Customer Feedback Survey

Survey Link: www.reactiv.co.uk/customerfeedback
Official Link: www.reactiv.co.uk
Thank-you for participating in the Reactiv Survey. Your feedback will be used to improve this company.

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FunStock Feedback Survey

Tell FunStock what you really think in their feedback survey www.funstock.co.uk/user-survey. If you love retro games, you will know all about FunStock. This online store is the leading retailer of retro games in the UK and Europe, selling Atari, SEGA, NeoGeo and Nintendo to name a few.

FunStock Retro Video Games Survey – share your thoughts

Do you enjoy shopping online at FunStock? Would you tell your friends and family about FunStock? How could FunStock improve? Now is your chance to give feedback in their survey www.funstock.co.uk/user-survey. Your feedback will be used to improve the online business.

How to Complete FunStock Customer Survey – www.funstock.co.uk/user-survey

This survey only takes a few minutes to complete.

  1. Go to FunStock Feedback Survey www.funstock.co.uk/user-survey.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. On a scale of 1-10, indicate how likely you are to recommend FunStock to others.
  4. Give reasons why you chose this rating.
  5. If you have any other comments, type these in the allocated space.

About FunStock Feedback Survey

Survey Link: www.funstock.co.uk/user-survey
Official Link: www.funstock.co.uk
Thanks for entering the FunStock Feedback Survey.

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Thorntons Customer Experience Survey

If you have recently shopped with Thorntons, enter their survey at survey.thorntons.co.uk. For over 100 years, Thorntons have been creating delicious chocolate, toffee and fudge. Offering a great range of boxed chocolates, bars and bags, there’s something for every occasion.

Thorntons Chocolates Survey – Win £1,000 cash prize

What was your last visit to Thorntons like? Did you find what you were looking for? How would you rate the sales assistants? Now is your chance to tell Thorntons how you really feel, by completing their survey survey.thorntons.co.uk. To say thanks, you will go into the draw to win £1,000 cash.

Entering Thorntons Customer Feedback Survey – survey.thorntons.co.uk

It’s never been simpler to complete this survey.

  1. Visit survey.thorntons.co.uk.
  2. Select your purchase method – online or in-store.
  3. Select the specific store you visited.
  4. Indicate the date of your last visit.
  5. Indicate how you found out about the survey.
  6. Rate statements about your visit to Thorntons, including how likely you are to recommend this store to others.
  7. Continue through the survey by answering questions and rating statements relating to your visit.
  8. Provide your contact details, such as your email and phone number, to enter the survey sweepstakes.
  9. You could win £1,000 cash.

About Thorntons Customer Experience Survey

Survey Link: survey.thorntons.co.uk
Official Link: www.thorntons.co.uk
Survey Prize: £1,000 to be won in the sweepstakes.

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Nike Consumer Feedback Survey

If you have recently shopped at a Nike store, be sure to enter their survey at www.tellnike-uk.com and leave feedback. Known all over the world for their iconic products, Nike are the leaders in athletic apparel and shoes. Whether you play basketball, football or love to run – there’s a Nike shoe for you.

Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey – 20% off next purchase

What do you think of range of footwear, clothing and sporting products Nike has to offer? Is there something Nike could do to improve? Enter the Nike Consumer Feedback Survey at www.tellnike-uk.com and you will be rewarded with 20% off your next online purchase.

How to Enter Nike Customer Survey – www.tellnike-uk.com

Completing this survey is simple, if you follow these instructions.

  1. Visit www.tellnike-uk.com.
  2. Using your invite card, fill in the store number.
  3. Thinking back to your visit, rate statements about the merchandise available, customer service and store appearance.
  4. Don’t forget to provide your personal contact details.
  5. When you have finished the survey, you will be presented with a discount coupon.
  6. Record this on your survey invitation or receipt and remember to use on your next online purchase.

About Nike Consumer Feedback Survey

Survey Link: www.tellnike-uk.com
Official Link: www.nike.com/gb/en_gb
Survey Prize: 20% off next online purchase.

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axol Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now is your chance to tell Maxol what you think, by entering their customer survey maxolfeedback.com. Maxol started back in 1920 and today it is a leading oil company in Ireland, yet still remains to be run by the McMullan family. Maxol offers a great range of services, such as car washing, fuel, convenience products and more.

Maxol Service Station Survey – win £1000 cash or £100 voucher

Is Maxol your local service station? What do you think of the customer service and team members at Maxol? How would you rate the range of services and products? Share your thoughts and leave feedback in the Maxol survey maxolfeedback.com for a chance to win £1000 cash.

How to enter Maxol Customer Survey – maxolfeedback.com

It could not be easier to enter this survey.

  1. Visit maxolfeedback.com.
  2. Select your invite type from either receipt or invitation card.
  3. Enter details from your invitation, such as the invite code, store number or receipt number.
  4. Answer questions and rate statements about your last visit to a Maxol service station.
  5. Rate areas such as the customer service, station cleanliness, prices, products and more.
  6. Answer a few personal questions about your age and gender.
  7. Provide your contact details, including your name, email address and phone number if required.
  8. You will then be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win either £1000 cash or a Maxol gift card valued at £100.

About Maxol Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey Link: maxolfeedback.com
Official Link: www.maxol.ie
Survey Prize: Chance to win a £100 Maxol fuel voucher and £1000 cash.

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lidl customer survey

One of the largest grocery retailers in Europe, Lidl opened stores in the UK in 1973 and has since grown to more than 600 Lidl stores throughout the UK. Do you shop at Lidl’s for value for money products and weekly shopping savings? Or do you enjoy the friendly service whilst in store? Give Lidl your feedback in the online survey at http://yourvoice.lidl.co.uk/survey.aspx and make your voice heard.

Lidl Customer Voice Survey

Lidl want to find out what customers like most about visiting its stores and are asking customers to give feedback on their recent Lidl shopping experience. Honest feedback is appreciated with Lidl wanting to know why you choose to shop with them over other supermarkets. By giving your feedback you will also automatically be making a donation to CLIC Sargeant charity, with £1 donated by Lidl for every complete survey.

Enter the Lidl Survey at yourvoice.lidl.co.uk/survey – Donation to Charity for completed Surveys

To enter the Lidl Customer Survey visit http://yourvoice.lidl.co.uk/survey.aspx – and you will be take to a page with details about CLIC Sargent children’s charity and how for every survey completed a donation of £1 will be made with a target total of £15,000.

Click next to continue and enter the Lidl Store you visited and date and time of visit. Customers will then be asked questions about their experience at a Lidl store including previous visits to the store, what things are important to you when shopping at Lidl stores and which other supermarkets you regularly shop at. Customers will also be asked questions about age, gender and household income to give an indication of Lidl’s main customers. Don’t worry, there is a box for “rather not say” if you do not want to answer these particular questions.

There is a progress bar at the bottom of the page to track how far away you are from completing the Lidl Customer Survey and once done you will have donated £1 to CLIC Sargent children’s charity. Lidl value your honest feedback and for taking the time to complete the survey.

About Lidl Customer Survey

Survey Website: http://yourvoice.lidl.co.uk/survey.aspx
Official Website: http://www.lidl.co.uk
Donation: £1 to CLIC Sargent for every customer survey that is completed

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The Money Shop Customer Experience Survey

If you’ve recently used services of The Money Shop make sure you enter their Customer Experience survey at tellmoneyshop.co.uk. The Money Shop are here to help when you need a extra cash, whether it’s for a holiday, bills or something else. With over 500 stores nationwide, there’s bound to be a Money Shop near you.

The Money Shop Survey – win £1,000 cash, £1,500 worth of prizes

When did you last visit The Money Shop? Was it for a short-term loan or long-term loan? Were the staff members helpful and friendly? Now is your chance to tell The Money Shop what you really think, by completing their customer survey tellmoneyshop.co.uk. You could win £1,000 cash or £1,500 worth of instant prizes, just for having your say.

Entering The Money Shop Feedback Survey – tellmoneyshop.co.uk

This survey is easy to complete, and doesn’t take long.

  1. Visit tellmoneyshop.co.uk.
  2. Enter the store number, customer number and cashier number.
  3. Select the date and time of your visit.
  4. Answer questions about the services you used at The Money Shop.
  5. Thinking back to your visit, rate statements about your experience, including the product offerings, staff knowledge and customer service.
  6. Continue through the survey by answering questions and rating statements.
  7. Enter your personal and contact details, such as your name and email address for a chance to win £1,000 cash or prizes valued at up to £1,500.

About The Money Shop Customer Experience Survey

Survey Link: tellmoneyshop.co.uk
Official Link: www.moneyshop.tv
Survey Prize: £1,000 prize drawn daily, plus chance to win £1,500 worth of prizes each week.