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Trust, honesty and confidence are all qualities that Pharmacies hope they are providing to their customers. Is your local pharmacy providing you with the service that you expect? Give your feedback in surveys offered buy the largest and best pharmacy groups across the UK.

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UltraVision CLPL Customer Survey

UltraVision CLPL is a world class brand specialising in contact lenses for hospitals, practitioners and distributors. Known for developing the latest technology when it comes to contact lenses, UltraVision produces lenses for every patient’s need. If you have used, stocked or recommended UltraVision contact lenses, be sure to enter feedback in their customer survey at www.ultravision.co.uk/survey.

UltraVision Contact Lenses Feedback Survey

Are you a professional who recommends UltraVision contact lenses or a patient who uses them? What do you think of the UltraVision brand, quality and range? Now is your chance to tell UltraVision what you think of their products, customer service and website by entering their survey www.ultravision.co.uk/survey.

How to Enter UltraVision Guest Survey – www.ultravision.co.uk/survey

The UltraVision survey is simple to complete and takes only a few minutes.

  1. Visit www.ultravision.co.uk/survey.
  2. Rate your overall customer service experience.
  3. Rate the performance of UltraVision’s Soft Custom Contact Lenses.
  4. Rate the ease of use of the UltraVision website.
  5. Rate the quality of UltraVision’s RGP Lenses.
  6. Indicate your overall satisfaction with a rating.
  7. Indicate if you are a patient, practitioner or distributor.
  8. If you would like to leave additional comments, you may do so in the space provided.
  9. Enter your contact number if you would like someone from UltraVision to call you about your responses.
  10. Click ‘submit’ to finish the survey.

About UltraVision CLPL Customer Survey

Survey Link: www.ultravision.co.uk/survey
Official Link: www.ultravision.co.uk
Your feedback is appreciated and will be used to help UltraVision improve their products.

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Transform Customer Satisfaction Survey

Transform lives by their slogan of ‘When you feel good, we feel good,’ and is dedicated to helping their clients. With over 40 years experience, 2 dedicated hospitals and 27 clinic across the country, Transform is a leader in the cosmetic surgery industry. If you have recently visited Transform for a consultation, appointment or procedure, enter their Customer Feedback Survey at www.telltransform.co.uk.

Transform Customer Feedback Survey – Win £250 loyalty points

Why did you choose to visit Transform when considering cosmetic surgery? What procedure where you enquiring about – surgical or non-surgical? Which hospital or clinic did you visit. How would you rate the surgeons and staff at Transform? Tell Transform about your experience by completing their customer survey at www.telltransform.co.uk. You could win £250 worth of loyalty card points!

Completing Tell Transform Survey – www.telltransform.co.uk

Entering the Transform Survey is simple.

  1. Visit www.telltransform.co.uk.
  2. Select the hospital you visited.
  3. Indicate the purpose of your visit – surgical or non-surgical, consultation, practitioner, surgeon or post operation.
  4. Select your booking type.
  5. Answer questions relating to your visit, including what treatment you enquired about and/or underwent.
  6. Indicate if you would recommend Transform to your family and friends and whether or not you will revisit Transform. Also indicate if the Transform staff helped you feel at ease.
  7. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, you can choose to have a representative from Transform contact you.
  8. Continue answering questions about your experience including how promptly your surgeon or practitioner contacted you and how helpful and friendly the receptionist was.
  9. Answer specific questions about your surgeon and select their name from the dropdown box.
  10. Answer some personal questions, including your gender and age group.
  11. Enter your contact details, such as your name, email address and telephone number to enter the sweepstakes.

About Transform Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey Website: www.telltransform.co.uk
Official Website: transforminglives.co.uk
Survey Prize: Chance to win £250 worth of loyalty card points. Plus, for every 1000 surveys completed, Transform will donate £250 to the British Skin Foundation.

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Rate your Co-operative Pharmacy

Do you shop at The Co-operative Pharmacy to pick up your prescription, stock up on toiletries or to get health advice? If you have recently shopped at The Co-operative Pharmacy you will get the chance at winning £500 Co-operative Vouchers just by giving feedback on your shopping trip to the co-op.

The Co-operative Pharmacy Customer Survey

Providing health services across the UK, The Co-operative Pharmacy aim to give its customer’s friendly pharmacist advice and support when it comes to healthcare. The Co-operative Pharmacy also stock a range of products from baby care and photo services to beauty, health and wellbeing products. The Co-operative Pharmacy want you to rate your experience and tell them anything you think could be improved in its products or services offered.

rateyourpharmacy.co.uk – Win £500 Co-operative Vouchers

To enter The Co-operative Pharmacy survey you will need a receipt or survey invitation card. Visit www.rateyourpharmacy.co.uk and select how you heard about the survey and you will be asked to enter the store number from your survey invite or purchase receipt. Continue to rate your experience on the service you received and what you liked most or thought could be done better. Once completed you will be entered into the prize draw to win £500 Co-operative Vouchers.

About The Co-operative Pharmacy Customer Survey

The Co-operative Pharmacy Survey Website: www.rateyourpharmacy.co.uk
The Co-operative Pharmacy Official Website: www.co-operativepharmacy.co.uk
Survey Prize: £500 Co-operative Vouchers

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Our Boots Pharmacy Survey

Do you order your prescriptions or get your health assessment in Boots stores at the pharmacy? What do you think of the services you receive? Tell Boots Pharmacy what you thought in their online survey and you could win some great prizes to redeem at Boots stores.

Our Boots Pharmacy Survey

We love to shop at Boots Pharmacy as they provide a great range of health products and repeat or one off prescriptions as well as health information online and in store. They have some great additional services include travel vaccinations, stop smoking service, weight loss programs and medical advice.

Boots Pharmacy are looking to further improve their products and services and are looking too their shoppers customers to provide feedback on the products and services offered.

www.ourbootspharmacy.com – Win £200 Advantage Card points or £100 Gift Card

To take the Our Boots Pharmacy Survey visit their online website at www.ourbootspharmacy.com and enter the survey code from your receipt. By completing the survey you will be helping Boots Pharmacy improve services and find out what it is that you need the most. Once the survey is completed you will be entered into the monthly prize draw to win £200 worth of Boots Advantage Card points or £100 Boots Gift Card. Tell Boots what you think and win!

About Our Boots Pharmacy Survey

Website: www.ourbootspharmacy.com
Prizes: £200 Advantage Card points or £100 Gift Card

This is an unbiased, not paid for review published by UK Store Surveys. The information contained in this page has been provided for consumers. UK Store Surveys is in no way endorsed, a representative or administered by Boots UK Limited. All brand names and registered trademarks are owned by the respective brands.

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Superdrug Feedback

Do you shop at Superdrug for your beauty products, perfume, cosmetics or skin care? Superdrug is the UK’s second-largest beauty and health retailer offering everyday accessible beauty products and a range of brands to keep up with the latest trends. If you have recently shopped at Superdrug then check out the below survey and provide your feedback about Superdrug products and services to receive a discount coupon as a thank you for your input.

Superdrug Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Superdrug Customer Satisfaction Survey is easy to complete and will only take a few moments of your time. All you will need is your purchase receipt to get started. Go to the survey website at www.superdrugfeedback.com and enter the store number, receipt number, till number and amount spent to start the survey.

www.superdrugfeedback.com – receive a 10% discount voucher
Once you have completed the feedback survey you will receive a validation code that you must enter into the printable coupon for 10% off your next purchase over £10. The coupon excludes certain products such as mobile e-top up, mobile phones, stamps, gift cards, baby milk, prescriptions and pharmacy. The coupon must be redeemed within 30 days from date of original purchase.

About Superdrug Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey Website: www.superdrugfeedback.com
Superdrug Product Feedback: http://www.superdrug.com/feedback
Prize: 10% Superdrug voucher off your next purchase over £10
This survey has now ended