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Planning a holiday? Car hire is one of the best ways to ensure independence in your travel. Choose from a vast range of vehicles in car hire companies range to meet your holiday needs. Hitting the snow? Try a SUV. Family holiday? Try a minivan. Once in a lifetime? Try a luxury convertible. The UK's top car hire companies want your feedback on their car hire services. After your rental give them your feedback so they can continue to improve their car hire services.

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Kawasaki Customer Survey

Kawasaki first started way back in 1878, and today Kawasaki is a major engineering company is known all over the world for their cutting-edge technology. Kawasaki started producing motorcycles more than 50 years ago, and has been responsible for iconic motorcycle models throughout history. If you own a Kawasaki vehicle, now is you chance to leave feedback in their survey www.kawasaki-csi.co.uk/csisales.aspx.

Kawasaki Sales Experience Survey – win official merchandise!

Why did you choose Kawasaki over another motorcycle brand? How would you rate Kawasaki in terms of a brand, their prices and customer service? Is there something Kawasaki could do to improve your diabetes facts next experience. Enter their customer survey at www.kawasaki-csi.co.uk/csisales.aspx and you’ll be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win Kawasaki merchandise!

How to Enter Kawasaki Motorcycle Survey – www.kawasaki-csi.co.uk/csisales.aspx

The Kawasaki survey is easy to complete and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Visit www.kawasaki-csi.co.uk/csisales.aspx.
  2. Enter the Product ID or your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the bar on the right hand side.
  3. Answer questions and rate statements about your experience with the Kawasaki brand, their motorcycles, customer service and more.
  4. Enter your personal and contact details, including your name and email address.
  5. You will then be entered into the sweepstake draw!
  6. The sweeps are drawn quarterly and winners will receive official Kawasaki merchandise.

About Kawasaki Customer Survey

Survey Link: www.kawasaki-csi.co.uk/csisales.aspx
Official Site: www.kawasaki.co.uk
Survey Prize: Chance to win Kawasaki merchandise in the sweepstakes.

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Beeline Customer Survey

For the last 25 years, Beeline has been offering distribution solutions within the UK and around the world. With a range of freight services including same day delivery, next day delivery and frozen and chilled delivery there’s bound to be a solution for your needs. Tell Beeline what you think of their courier services by entering their customer survey at http://beelinesameday.co.uk/about-us/customer-survey/.

Beeline Same Day Courier Survey

Why did you choose Beeline to transport your goods? What did you think of the customer service? How would you rate the delivery speed? Would you use Beeline’s services again for your business, or recommend their freight services to your colleagues? Now is your chance to give feedback on Beeline in their survey http://beelinesameday.co.uk/about-us/customer-survey/.

How to Enter Beeline Business Survey – http://beelinesameday.co.uk/about-us/customer-survey/

It’s never been easier to enter the Beeline Customer Survey.

  1. Visit http://beelinesameday.co.uk/about-us/customer-survey/.
  2. Enter your business name.
  3. Rate Beeline’s overall service.
  4. Rate the customer service and speed of service you received from Beeline.
  5. Tell Beeline if you think their prices match their service.
  6. Indicate if you will use Beeline Couriers in the future, and if not, provide a reason in the text box.
  7. Select the type of service you used.
  8. Leave comments on how Beeline could improve your next experience.
  9. Click ‘submit’ to complete the survey.

About Beeline Customer Survey

Survey Link: http://beelinesameday.co.uk/about-us/customer-survey/
Official Link: http://beelinesameday.co.uk/
Thanks for participating in the Beeline Survey. Your responses are valuable and will be used to improve the Beeline Same Day Courier Service.

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Hyundai Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hyundai live by their slogan of ‘new thinking, new possibilities’ by challenging convention in order to continuously improve. Starting back in 1967, Hyundai has become one of the most popular car companies and now owns the world’s biggest car plant. Now is your chance to tell Hyundai what you think of their vehicles, by entering their customer satisfaction survey at hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk.

Hyundai Customer Experience Questionnaire

Do you own a Hyundai hatchback, SUV or coupe? Why did you choose to purchase a Hyundai? Was it for quality, safety, price or the appearance? Would you recommend Hyundai vehicles to your friends and family? Give feedback and share your thoughts in the Hyundai Survey at hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk.

How to Enter Hyundai Vehicle Survey – hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk

It’s never been easier to complete this guest survey!

  1. Go to hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk.
  2. Using your postcard, enter your vehicle registration number, security code and email address.
  3. If you are having trouble completing this section, just email team@hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk with your concerns.
  4. Answer questions and rate statements about your experience with Hyundai.
  5. Give feedback on your Hyundai vehicle, including safety, features, comfort, price paid and more.
  6. If you would like to leave additional comments, do so in the space provided.
  7. Enter your personal and contact details, when asked.

About Hyundai Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey Website: hyundaicustomerexperience.co.uk
Official Website: www.hyundai.co.uk
Thanks for entering the Hyundai Survey. Your feedback is important and will be used to improve Hyundai.

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Autosave Feedback Survey

Autosave has 30 years experience in car sales and car financing for organisations and individuals concentrating on providing the very best in customer service to the Christian community. If you have been to Autosave to shop for a new car, tell Autosave what you thought of the customer service you received in the online feedback survey at www.autosave-website4life.co.uk.

Autosave Customer Feedback Survey

Autosave want to ensure that they are meeting your customer needs and are conducting a survey to find out what you particularly enjoyed about shopping at Autosave and anything that could be improved. Did you find the vehicle you were looking for? Were Autosave helpful in helping you find the perfect car at the right price? Give your feedback and you could win £1,000 Cash in the Autosave Customer Survey.

www.autosave-website4life.co.uk – Win £1,000 Cash

The Autosave feedback survey can be found at Visit www.autosave-website4life.co.uk. To enter you will need your survey invitation given to you by Autosave to fill in the code written on the front of your invite card. Click enter to continue to rate your experience whilst visiting an Autosave Christian Car Sales store. Once you have answered all questions, you will be given the opportunity to enter the prize draw for your chance at winning £1,000 Cash, a nice bonus to go towards your new car!

About Autosave Customer Feedback Survey

Survey Website: www.autosave-website4life.co.uk
Official Website: http://www.autosave.co.uk
Prize: £1,000 Cash

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Hertz Customer Survey

With more than 8,100 car rental locations in over 147 countries worldwide, Hertz is a leading international car hire company with a range of car and truck hire services. Located in major towns, cities and airports, Hertz are the easy choice when looking for vehicle hire. What do you like about using Hertz car hire services?

Hertz Customer Survey 

Tell Hertz what you think of the service you received when hiring a car, van or motorhome. Did Hertz help you on your way with a vehicle for going on holiday, taking a business trip or moving house? Whatever the reason for your car hire, Hertz would like to know what you liked or disliked about your experience with them.


www.hertzsurvey.eu is the Hertz online survey website for European customers. Once you reach the survey site you can select your language alongside your country flag to continue. Enter the 9-digit number from the top of your Hertz receipt and continue to answer all questions. The survey should not take long to complete and you will be helping Hertz to provide the best rental experience possible.

About Hertz Customer Survey 

Website: www.hertzsurvey.eu

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Europcar Feedback Survey

Europcar UK are the leaders in UK car and van hire with over 180 branches across the country in convenient city locations and major airports. Europcar has hourly deals, one-way hire and long-term deals giving customers the flexibility in car hire options. Take part in the Europcar Feedback Survey and give your opinion.

Europcar Feedback Survey
Europcar UK are asking recent customers to give feedback on their car hire experience and what they liked about the service. Could something be improved with your car hire experience? How long and what type of vehicle hire did you opt for? Participate in the Europcar Feedback Survey and help them to improve services offered.


If you have recently hired a car with Europcar give your feedback at www.europcar-feedback.com and select your language. By giving your opinion on the service and quality of car provided you will be helping Europcar continue to provide excellent customer service and find out what it is that you want most from your hire car provider. The survey is open to UK and European customers and available to complete in 11 different languages.

About Europcar Feebdack Survey 

Website: www.europcar-feedback.com