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Loch Fyne Restaurants Customer Survey

With 42 restaurants in the UK and with roots from Loch Fyne on the West Coast of Scotland, Loch Fyne Restaurants are known for their fresh seafood including oysters sourced from Loch Fyne itself.

Loch Fyne Customer Satisfaction Survey

Loch Fyne Restaurants pride themselves on their delicious seafood sourced from the best suppliers as well as warm and inviting ambience in great locations across the UK. What did you enjoy most about dining at a Loch Fyne Restaurant? Was it the welcoming staff, amazing food or something else? Tell Loch Fyne if they met your expectations in the customer satisfaction survey. – receive a complimentary dessert for 4

Loch Fyne Restaurants want you to leave their restaurant satisfied and would like to know about your visit to one of their locations. Share your thoughts at by clicking on the take part button and selecting the Loch Fyne Restaurant you visited, time and date. Once you have completed the quick and easy survey, you will be given a coupon for free dessert next time you dine out at a Loch Fyne Restaurant for up to 4 people.

About Loch Fyne Customer Satisfaction Survey

Coupon: Complimentary dessert for up to 4 people


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