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Marks and Spencer Customer Survey

Check Out Your URL Do you enjoy shopping at M&S for your household goods, clothing or lingerie? Or do you like to indulge in the food aisles? Whatever you like to shop for, M&S is keen to listen to its customers’ views on how to improve things in the future. If you want the chance to win £250 at your favourite store, then check out the below survey for details of how to enter.

Marks and Spencer Customer Survey[] Marks and Spencer are asking customers to complete the feedback survey and answer a few questions on what they can do to improve their services or product offer. Tell Marks and Spencer as open and honestly as possible what you think and be in with the chance of winning £250. – Win £250 To enter have your purchase receipt ready and go to, the survey website for ‘Your M&S Views’. The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete and once finished you will be asked to submit your details if you wish to be entered into the draw for a chance to win £250.

About Marks and Spencer Customer Survey

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Prize: £250


  1. I am a great fan of Marks and Spencer, but I dearly wish they would improve on the ordering and collections counter. I order online frequently (brilliant!) but collection in Bournemouth (Castlepoint branch) is horrendous. Usually only one person on a three-person counter and there is ALWAYS a queue! The other two tills are redundant most of the time and one assistant struggles manfully to help. This is usually mid-morning. Added to which the return of an item is done on an adjoining counter so it can mean two long waits!!

  2. I reciently purchased four cream leather dinning chairs,a
    charlotte Med sofa, armcaps and footstool,I am delighted with my
    purchases and sure I will be for years too come,this is the third charlotte sofa I have bought,I have always been happy with with them but the latest is by far my favorite,the staff were superb evan though I arrived at almost closing time,so thakyou
    Cribbs Causway store, you have done me proud.

  3. I bought six champagne flutes, with a pretty flower design, they were in blue and are a wedding present. They cost £36. when I got to the cash desk, the lady rolled them in tissue paper and gave them to me, no bubble wrap, no box, no means of protecting them, and I did ask if there was a better means of packing them and she said not. I had a carrier bag, but it was by no means a satisfactory way to carry them home.

  4. I went to M@S food department yesterday for my wife who has broken her ankle. She had given me a list which she wanted but I’m afraid I doubled the purchases. There were so many bargains that I couldn’t resist buying them. My wife, incidentally, was delighted with my purchases. It’s M@S every time for me now.

    Bernard Pendlebury

  5. I’ve been to M and S three times in the last week looking for either a dress or skirts and I can honestly say they are the worst designs I’ve ever seen in your store. Suffice it to say I came away empty handed. The designer/buyer should be sacked for having such bad taste.

  6. I love to do shopping at mark spencer . 20percent off was a very god offer I miss that one on men suits. Also things at m&s at too good. Compare to other stores in uk this is one of my favourites store. We can easily get wat we want. Again reminding for 20perc sale on men suit I miss that. Love m&s

  7. VISITED marks and spencer’s yesterday went to pay for a dress at the counter and the line where people had been queueing changed to the opposite side I was confused as was the other customers on where to queue the staff weren’t helpful and other people jumped the queue as we were standing in the wrong place

  8. I go into my local M&S most days.

    I love the Chicken/Fish (mostly eaten by us)
    I have tried various other supermarkets in the past non compare
    as far as I am concerned.
    A nice chicken Curry made with a jar of M&S curry or a ready made Balti is delicious all the trimmings, you have a lovely treat for a Saturday night watching the Football.
    My local store is always full of customers and the staff are lovely.
    I will be sorry when my M&S closes in 2013 and goes to another site my daily visits will stop.

    I find the Simply Foods items very good value for money.

  9. I mainly use my local M&S Simply Food to buy my local newspaper and occasionally food items. Friendly staff and only a short walk from my house. M&S are moving to a bigger store at a location much further away so it’s back to Tescos or Morrisons. No car means no can do.

  10. I had a task last week, I had to be the hostess with the mostest as our catering department at work is no longer. I had 12 people too cater for who were a very prestigious client. I checked all websites out and decided to go with M&S Food to order and I certainly wasn’t disappointed easy to order, easy to collect and I even got all the to fruit and lovely Olympic styled cutlery and paper plates etc…. The people throughly enjoyed your fare and I was over the moon, so much so I did the same on a smaller scale 3 days later and got this food from the Motorway M&S.
    I’m not only a mere Account Director at work but I looking to be the Head of M&S Catering

  11. popped into BP garage M&S at Boreham and picked up a meal deal
    of curry and rice.It was very nice but the free side dish of rice
    was enough for 2 and I could have got another side dish instead of 2 rice. I think it would be nice for the staff to advise people
    when purchasing meal deals.I also bought a cheesecake and was looking forward to it but it was not in my carrier bag and the
    chap had not charged me but I was very disappointed. More care when packing peoples purchases please as it was too far to go back. Rita McGregor South Woodham Ferrers.

  12. I shopped at my local M&S store today,& among other things purchased Cottage Pie,Cornish Cove Cheese(always excellent) & Wiltshire breaded Ham (no other like it) the staff were both helpful and obliging,as always!! H Gardner,P.S DO NOT give up,or sell off the food sector, The Quality is always excellent!! H Gardner Burton on Trent

  13. On 22nd of July, at Slough’s M and S store, I purchased CHS Tester and one sugar bun. I buy always these two of my favourite items from that store. I have been a regular customer of the M&S stores since 1955 and still continuing to get the fruits and ready meals and many other items.

  14. hello every one.
    I went to M&S 3rd visit of the week like usually ,
    The bakery products bake daily are delicious, and also most of the refrigerated desserts .
    The staf was helpful and vey good, just like evryday.
    wish I had time to go more often.
    lets see if I get the chance to win the 250 pounds

  15. We went to m&s in the nugents shopping centre in orpington, it was ver conveniently open early (8am) which meant i could pop in before work, the staff were very helpful, offering me bags as well as offering to pack, we go here often and will continue to do so.

  16. I went to Marks & Spencer to purchase the children’s school uniform. I have done this now for 6 years and can never fault the quality of clothing or the price. The staff this morning was most helpful and help me out when they saw me with 3 children to buy for.

    I will use M&S in Sutton Coldfield for many years to come.

  17. Olympia 1 August 2012
    I went to M&S in Poole today. I went to buy deli meats for a Ploughmans. I found a pack of salami well within in its sell by date which had gone visibly mouldy which I handed to an assistant. Later during my shop I was surprised to find that the normally excellent selection of orchids was obviously suffering from a lack of care as all the plants were well on their way to dying. I was going to buy one for a gift but resorted instead to a potted rose.
    M&S’s usual high stands were not being observed and I can only think that the Manager had not ‘walked the floor’ today.

  18. Marilyn 2nd August 2012
    I am 66 years young, a modern woman of the 21st century and as such I do not wish to dress as though I am 70yrs-80yrs old. If in an ideal world I would wish that you would employ a NEW BUYER who would give us fresh bright and colourful prints like the youngsters wear with an up-to-date modern theme as the high street portrays in their designs. I love the quality of M&S’s products they are the best but unfortunately the Company must be losing out on their percentage of income because they omit to cater for YOUNG 60’s + age group. We want to shop with you so please listen to your customers and re-assess your criteria.
    Here’s hoping to see some vibrant everyday wear in your collection. Thank you!

  19. M&S is always my first shop-stop when im doing my grocery shopping and always impressed with their ‘Finest’ range.
    recently ive moved and to my delight there is a larger super-store that has a huge clothes department and the range on offer is impressive and the quality is as expected – top quality!

    will be buying my Christmas turkey from there this year 🙂

    Mrs Quyen Lu

  20. Very quiet in M&S today in a very busy shopping centre. Layout of the store is poor and trying to find larger sizes like looking for hens’ teeth. Online shopping is better for getting your size. Look at this M&S – this is what’s killing the High Street. I used to spend lots in M&S now I’m struggling to spend anything. Get real – sell clothes for real UK women please.

  21. all i can say m&s is still the best store going regardless some of the adverse reports…a couple of pennies dearer here and there but the quality is there to me that counts and that’s why i’m a regular customer…!!!

  22. Thought my stores in Dundee were good till I visited Braehead, Glasgow. That store has the most amazingly helpful friendly and efficient staff. A real credit to you. As usual I bought far too much, but found great bargains for grandchildren and others. Thanks.

  23. Men’s clothes, particularly North Coast are stylish and good value. Bought a couple of sweaters with elbow patches recently – tremendous value compared to your competitors. My wife find’s your ladies’ wear generally unattractive. Food shopping – good food, good portions, good prices. Wine becoming expensive compared to Waitrose.

  24. I went shopping recently for my elderly father (91)and purchased quite a number of items. I also put some items in the basket for myself.
    When I got to the cashier, I had to sort out the shopping. I paid for the items in two “batches” and then saw a fan by the till – so I got one for my Dad. Then I had second thoughts and bought another one for myself.
    The assistant was very pleasant and patient – I shall return!

  25. visit leeds store and owlcoates,who ever is responsable for ladies fashion wants sacking!!!!!the merchandise is way off the money just like the latest t.v. add. your target market is ladies between size 14/22.5`2″/5`6″ tall and between 30/70 years old!!the staff at all the stores we visit are excellent and well trained and commited!!! you are letting them down!!
    as for your food section it needs a complete re-think especially the cook range it gets smaller every time we visit all though what is on offer is good quality and good value for money!!we both have m&s master cards and use them but only at your stores.also trying to get a younger customer base is doomed to fail we have 2 grand daughters 21&12 there street cred would be at stake if they ever entered a m&s store
    dave&sheelagh R.

  26. I shop at M@S store in the Metro Centre, Gateshead and Team Valley store on a all the time. They are both very good stores, was at the Team Valley store today with my daughter we had lunch in the small cafe and it was very good as usual. I live by myself and always buy the ready meals as they are just right for me and easy to do as I am disabled. I do not know what I would do with out M@S thank you very much and your staff at both store’s a very good.

  27. What can I say I love M&S and have shopped with them for years first being introduced by my Grandma many years ago and have five generations still shopping there my Grandad being 100, and for the first time last week I introduced my Grandaughter to a shopping experience that she enjoyed. What I like about M&S is value and quality and if at times they get things wrong in there fashion department they listen and the next collection is always fabulous.

  28. today we went to marks and spencers to buy a loaf of bread,but instead we met some friends and continued shopping with them,more than what we went in for ,but it was such good we were paying the lady on the till was jolly and friendly giving us this opportunity to win a prize,,a good visit,be back soon.

  29. I am a new comer too this country am from India when I was in my country and I saw some one with a carrier bag from Marks and Spencer, I wished that one day I would be able too shop there.
    I am not only surprised about the quality but the quantity I got for my money. The staff as well were pleasant and helpful.My day today was one of my dreams come true.

    Tomorrow am off to Buckingham Palace

  30. went yesterday to the shop in Bournemouth castlepoint, was lucky here couz of sale 🙂 bought some nice stuff , m& s sataff here is very nice, they tray to make every customer special with personised attitude. in lingery department here is always nice assitants who can help with right size. thank you M&s. you are my favourit shop.

  31. I like M and S and shop there frequently. However, the only casual trousers I find comfortable are your “Classic” range. This year you have produced every style with a stitched down seam at the front. I think this looks terrible and many of my friends agree. I shall look elsewhere for trousers.

  32. I was assisted today by Sandra who was the epitome of service itself. She, being a supervisor, was constantly being asked questions and being asked for help by fellow colleagues and other customers. At no time did she give the impression of being flustered or being under pressure but she fielded all interruptions in a courteous manner and still got the job done. Well done Sandra.

  33. I love M&S because even though some stuff costs a bit more the quality is always great and if you want something different or unusual they are the place to go. Love their trousers because they fit, love their cakes because they use free range eggs, love all the beautiful things they bring out at christmas. Great for cards and presents and the staff are always helpful and polite. Its just a shame our M&S in St. Neots is so small!

  34. I shopped in M&S today. As usual there were customers waiting at the checkout. And as usual there was a member of staff watching the ‘self scan checkout’ but no customers at the terminal/s. I think the general public would like to be served by a real person and not by a computer terminal.In my opinion, it’s not a quick way to pay for shopping most of the time as these terminals usually freeze in some,a member of staff has to come over to sort the problem,therefore making it a longer process in paying for goods.Please get rid of the self scan terminals and put more staff on the regular tills. Fantastic food and service when eventually served though !

  35. I got given a M&S gift card for my 13th birthday and as a teenager I really didn’t want to be buying at M&S,however, when I asked to swap gift cards for money or a different gift card several times you declined which I thought it’s stupid to force someone to spend there birthday money in a shop that is mainly based for older people however I was even More disappointed when I did spend money on my gift card you didn’t refund the £2 that was left on it honestly when is anyone only going to spend £2 in M&S

  36. Shopped in M&S yesterday and decided to try the breakfast, I had Emmental cheese and mushroom toasted sandwich my wife had focaccia bread toasted sandwich.
    All I can say is if you have not been to sample these delights, then get away now and try them.

  37. Did our usual shop in Glasgow Sauchiehall Street’s M&S for food (excellent)
    Coffee and cake (a wee reviver!)
    and a browse around this fabulous store(Christmas Presents already bought Thank Goodness!)
    The journey may take us an hour but Saturday’s just wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t make the trip to this excellent store

  38. We shop at M&S often, the products generally are good, although generating more to the younger person, the 50+ styles are somewhat limited.
    Refreshments are up to standard, but somewhat pricier that other stores, service good and attentive,but slow,allowing queues to build up very quickly,consequently turning some prospective customers away.

  39. My wife ordered christmas food on line for pick up at your upper newtownards road store in belfast on christmas eve at a specific time . The arrangement went without a hitch and your organisational skills in spite of the very busy period were very impressive and a great relief to a limited skills shopper like myself . well done and many thanks .Robin Simms

  40. M&S has good offers but they could improve by putting a new offer like buy 1 get 1 free!!!!!

    My favourite thing is the food they are always perfect for me i live nearby so i always try to get along and try all other things especially the food.

  41. I shop regularly at m&s in lakeside London and I am very happy with the baby clothing and women cloths everything that I have bought. Very friendly staff and very helpful.price and product quality is ok … overall i am satisfied

  42. We went to our local M&S in Enniskillen. Staff relax and friendly in the coffee shop.
    Our daughter had a little pizza and carrot and cucumber sticks while colouring one of the picture she got from the coffee shop.She loved it..
    My husband and I also liked having a relaxing time with cup of tea.

  43. Yesterday the queue at Handforth Dean store at “Collections” was dire. There was one person on the till (sometimes there are two if you are lucky) and I waited 20 mins to be served. Two people behind me walked out. I have complained about this service before but its always the same and makes you reluctant to order items online.

  44. Today my mum came home with loads of clothing she bought from M and S, I honestly am loving the style and the trousers she bought for herself suit her really well. The workers are always kind and i’m completely sure i’ll go there next time.

  45. I have been visiting the oxford street store for the past 30 years and the staff has been always very very helpful but this was the first time i felt that the staff was more interested in gossiping around secondly i bought a shirt and wanted to return it just tried it once and they refused to return it because it had a minor lipstick stain on it thirdly everything is always out of stock .

  46. I took my granddaughter to be measured for a bra for starting school. The woman was lovely and yet professional and sensitive about Child Protection when dealing with a 12 year old. Both myself and my granddaughter feel totally comfortable about going again.

  47. I have been buying from M&S stores but this is the first time to comment. I don’t know why.
    Your customers have been friendly especially this elderly woman I met at counter 2 at Enfield Palace Gardens this evening at around 4pm. she even paid for the plastic bag as I had no change left.

  48. I regularly shop at M & S with my wife as I find the products good quality and long lasting. This time I went on my own to buy her xmas gifts. The staff were extremely helpful and very patient with a man buying “ladies things”. Especially Amanda G at the till. Brilliant experience, I know where her birthday present is coming from.

  49. I love M&S food but get frustrated that often the food lines I like have run out but other lines are plentiful & seem to stay on the shelf so I wonder who is scheduling the ordering as they don’t seem to pay any attention to the fast sellers.However, the food is good so I will remain a loyal customer!

  50. We visited the super store in Marshall Road Sandhurst and were blown away by all the deals on offer. My wife spent far too much on the 2-3 deals and I was sweating as we approached the pay-till. The lady there invited me to join the loyalty card scheme, and we were immediately given 20% off! I was overjoyed, and took her down to the cafe for lunch! Thank you for the experience, we will certainly return to M&S.

  51. Well…..I only went in for Slippers but came out with a lovely pair of Walking Boots and Fleece.
    What a pleasure it is to shop at M & S, when I return I will pick up those Slippers and go downstairs for some nice Smoked Kippers.

  52. I always like M & S. Christmas time I bought lots of clothes such as formal shirts and t-shirts.quality is top class.i bought on sale and that
    really worthy. As a long time customer of M & S I use to buy underwear, socks, formal shirts and bedding stuff. Now I am looking forward to buy suits and shirts.and of course customer service is very good. Whenever I go there they help me to find out best one for me.thanks a lot

  53. We had a dinner last week and we dont have yet that jug for water so what my bf did is he used our very new flower vase…still so its not a big when i finished my work after that day i decided to drop by at m&s to buy him a water glass jug…and i gave to him as a gift…and he loved it!!!…thanks m&s…

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