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Your KFC Survey

KFC is headquartered in the USA in Kentucky, which is where the name Kentucky Fried Chicken came from. Expanding its operations to the UK in Preston in 1965, KFC brought southern style chicken to England and is now one of the most popular fast food chicken chains worldwide with 800 UK restaurants.

Your KFC Survey

Do you enjoy grabbing a bite to eat at KFC through the drive in, or taking your family out for a chicken bucket? Tell KFC what you thought about the service, cleanliness of restaurant and quality of food in the Your KFC Survey. – Your KFC prize listed on your receipt is the new survey website for the UK KFC Guest Satisfaction Survey. Once you have reached the KFC Survey page you will need to accept cookie information before continuing to enter your store number, order number, date and time of visit to KFC. Answer questions on the type of order at KFC and your satisfaction with your visit to the KFC restaurant. After you have completed the survey you will be given a validation code to write onto your receipt and claim your offer next time you visit KFC.

About Your KFC Survey

Prize: KFC coupon listed on your receipt