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Jelly Belly Competition If you love Jelly Belly, you will love these competitions. Jelly Belly are celebrating a year-long flavour adventure, giving you the chance to win some great Jelly Belly prizes online at

How to Enter Jelly Belly Competitions The Jelly Belly Competitions are easy to complete and usually only require you to fill in your contact and personal details. You can choose from entering the monthly Jelly Belly Hamper competition or the Jelly Belly instant prize competition

Visit and Win Prizes

alprostadil germany It’s easy to enter the Jelly Belly competitions:

  1. Start by visiting
  2. Then select if you would like to enter to win an instant prize or the monthly hamper, by clicking on the correct jelly bean
  3. If you have selected ‘instant prize’ you will be directed to play a quick game
  4. Share your results on your favourite social network for your chance to win
  5. If you have selected ‘win a hamper’ all you need to do is fill in your personal and contact details for your chance to win

About Jelly Belly What’s Your Flavour Competition

Jelly Belly Competitions page:
Jelly Belly Hamper Entry Form:
Rules & Regulations:


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