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Tell Primark Survey

Heinsberg Look good, pay less! Primark is an affordable fashion retailer providing high street clothing, home furnishings and stylish shoes. If you are a fan of Primark value for money products and want to give your feedback visit the below Primark Survey and tell them what you think.

Tell Primark Survey

Schwabach Primark began as Penney’s in Ireland and expanded as Primark to the UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Germany. A popular store for customers wanting to buy the latest fashion trends at more affordable prices. Now you could save even more just by giving your feedback. Enter the survey for your chance to win £1000 cash. – Win £1000 cash

Razumnoye Tell Primark what you think by visiting the online survey website at Give your honest feedback on the products and service you received on your recent visit to a Primark store and you will get the chance to instantly win an iPod and go into the draw to win £1000.

About Tell Primark Survey

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Grand Prize: £1000
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  1. I have bought some smashing clothing for my grandchildren and daughter at primark. Unfortuneatly larger sizes ( for me lol) arent always available which is a great shame but then I am still pleased with what I buy! Thanks Primart!

  2. Since I came to UK in 2007 Sept, I keep myself always shopping at Primark especially Office formal shirts. I like the quality and it is price worth. No matter how far it is from the place I live, i just travel sometimes just to spend my time in watching new amazing stock and finally end up in buying something.

  3. I try to go to Primark as often as possible when I am in town Its a great store with a lot of choice I went for a bit of christmas shopping and actually found a present for someone who is really difficult to buy for!!thanks!!!it is great value for money and has something for everyone!!

  4. First of all i want to use this opportunity to thank primark for the good work they are doing by sellingnice cloths at very cheap price without primark i dont know what many people will be wearing honestly i thank u all and please keep the good work. Primark is where im doing my shopping anytime i want to shop while because they have quality cloths at cheaper price i love primark my receipt will tell u what i mean.

  5. i prefer to shopping always primark,because i got every fashionable cloth shoes everything in one shop not only that but also their product quality is very nice,and their product price is very cheaper then the other store,last of all their customer service is very wounderful.

  6. I really like shopping in Primark, because in there everything is available for families. The products are really cheap and good quality compared to other expensive stores. Today I went to Primark and bought a nice warm winter coat for myself it’s cheap and good meanwhile it keeps me warm.

  7. Hi, I love, love, LOVE Primark! Prices are still so very reasonable & everything I’ve bought over the past few years has lasted well & washed & washed 🙂 Chrissy Hunter who served me today was an absolute credit to Primark, truly. Genuinely personable & very informative. Looking forward to wearing my new things. Thanks!

  8. Primark is just great 4 myself the clothing is just fantastic and havin a teenage son and a 3 year old and toddler the clothin meets there requirments every time id say most definitly 10 marks out of 10 4 class .in all aspects.

  9. I go to primark at least once a week, i never fail to look around and buy something but i don’t see see why not, primark is the place to shop! it supplies clothing for all ages and the prices are amazingly cheap! i honestly don’t know what i’d do with primark, it’s so handy, it has near enough everything i need at a good price and excellent quality. Primark’s products are affordable, comfortable and fashionable for there prices! I love it 🙂

  10. i went to primark today was very hot lol but got a few fab thing every time i go theres always something i will buy lol also happy with everything i have ever gotten from there shame though i was wanting shoes from there for some time now and they didnt have them no more when i went today awell never mind lol still love it 🙂

  11. Wel what can i say about primark???? I absolutely love love love it! I shop there every week! I love all the diffrent styles and colours and im like a kid in a cany shop when im there 🙂 could spend hours in it. 90% of my wages go to primark lol its the best shop on the planet!!!!!! By far

  12. Primark is affordable and sells many of the things that in other shops would be too expensive. The clothing lasts for a very long time and I seem to wear them all the time, when my more expensive clothing don’t get the use they should. I don’t know what I would do without Primark the only shop I allow myself to have a shopping spree in:)xx

  13. I admire Primark store. You can always find what you are looking for and more. It is cheap, easy and convenient. Definitely a quality product at an affordable price. Staff very pleasant and always helpful. Today I bought the goods not only for yourself, but I found the perfect gifts for their loved ones. This is a shop which i always want to go back 🙂

  14. Love primark I kit my whole family from there I’ve been buying the same joggers for soon for years as clothes trends change they still keep the other stuff which is great add he love those trousers. I would suggest doing big sizes they are true to size. But apart from that great with lovely friendly staff.

  15. Today I was looking for christmas jumper for daughter and i was helped and directed straight to a range of jumpers, i was asked if they could help me with anything else, the girl was very helpful and friendly. I shop at primark twice a week i have three children who love the shop to …Ashleigh W served me at the till and we chatted about how easy you could spend lots of money in the shop and compared the quality to next i only shop at primark for all of our household and clothing needs i told her because the items i buy are such good quality. I am always satisfied with the goods i buy and if i buy clothes for my daughters the refund policy is great to exchange if i get the wrong item for my girls metrocentre primark is an amazing store first shop go to before anywhere else

  16. I got plenty of my Christmas gifts today in primark as the store has something for all the family:) after a mad day of stress and pushing through other mad Christmas shoppers the lady I was served by at the counter was delightfull and lightened my mood with a few jokes of similar problems she was having:) I got everything I needed and im sure I will be back before the Christmas holidays for more stuffs:)

  17. Primark is a great store. I find many things regularly which I love as do many people I no. Also it’s a great value for your money. The customer service is very professional. Today Eric served me at the till he was very polite which is great there is nothing better than a professional service as it makes you want to come back!

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