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Pizza Hut UK Customer Experience Survey Recently enjoyed a meal out at Pizza Hut and want to tell them about your experience? Did the staff help you with your meal choices? Did you get excellent service or was there something that could have been improved? Here is your chance to tell Pizza Hut what you thought and as a thank you for your time receive a 2 for 1 voucher on your next visit.

Pizza Hut UK Customer Experience Survey Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants offering a menu of pizza, pasta, salad bar and ice cream factory ideal for dining out with the family or a quick buffet lunch. Pizza Hut aim to continuously improve their service and would like to receive your feedback on the quality of their food, customer service and overall atmosphere. – Win £1,000 cash 

click here for info By completing the survey at you will automatically be entered into the sweepstakes for 10 chances to win £1,000 cash. As a thank you for finishing the survey you will also be rewarded with an instant prize of a 2 for 1 voucher for your next visit to Pizza Hut. To get started on the quick and easy survey just enter details from your purchase receipt including server name, survey code and total amount spent. There is also a help section if you get stuck.

About Pizza Hut UK Customer Experience Survey Website:
Grand prize: £1,000 cash
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  1. Today my wife and I went to your restaurant in Gloucester Eastern Avenue, the expierience was delightful, good service well performed, friendly and attentive. Tom who served us from start to finish made us feel welcome and we shall be using the store again and will also be telling our friends at our sports club to trail the restaurant.

  2. We took our children to the very clean Basildon (Mayflower)restaurant today and they were firstly impressed that we had taken them somewhere with a decent activity book and crayons! The staff were attentive, service well paced and the food was hot and delicious. We did notice however that the peppers on the salad cart were previously frozen and the meat feast toppings were reduced compared with previous visits. The ice-cream factory made our children’s faces light up!

  3. We arrived at your Crownhill, Plymouth Pizza Hut outlet yesterday evening at closing time and were given a warm greeting by Sophie who took us to our table. There was no hint that we were too late or that the outlet was in the process of shutting-up operations for the night. The service was friendly and professional and the food excellent – just what we needed after a tough day. Thank you Sophie and Pizza Hut: good job and well done!

  4. Me and my Daughter went to the Mayflower Pizza Hut in Basildon, we had the Buffet and it was delicious, the restaurant was clean but the staff had very dirty clothes on, the uniform would look nice if only they took a bit of pride in what they do and look like, cannot fault the food and service.

  5. today myself and my partner went to pizza hut in Forgate Street in Chester.We were served by a very polite and charming man called Sean,The service that he and the other staff provided was excellent the food was hot and arrived in a short space of time and the best thing for ourselves was the fact that the buffet salad was of an excellent standard and the tongs and the whole surface of the salad bar was clean and constantly monitered for spillage Will certainly be visiting again

  6. Me and my friend went to Pizza Hut at Kingswood, Hull. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a lovely man who took us straight to a table. The service was very quick. We got our food within 30minutes of us being there. Was very impressive. The quality of the food was excellent, both the salad bad and our mains. We will definitely be going again.

  7. Took my girlfriend to pizzahut, Hanley, for her first time visit to pizzahut. Had a fantastic experience. Lovely staff. Very polite & fantastic member that served us. My girlfriend was so impressed that she wants to visit again. A really fantastic and incredible experience for her. She did not think it was so great. Really had a great time out with her. Definitely a 5 star experience.

  8. We, me age 68 and my grandson age 6 on his next birthday on 27th April, are irregularly regular visitors of Pizza hut at Siverburn Sopping Center. Every Saturday or Sunday and daily during school holidays we are there. Staff knows us well. Our usual order, approximate duration of stay and method of payment. I had to apologize and disclose of my sickness when once I was asked, rather rudely reason of not coming previous Sunday. Show of concern! I love it.
    Moral is that I am at home there and food is good, so my grandson will insist for Pizzahut, if the choice is Pizza.

  9. I visited pizza hut recently wiht my friend and her two young children. I was impressed that the children could have a 3 course meal, drink and a colouring book to occupy them for £3.99. The service was good and the food was fantastic, I will be making another visit to pizza hut very soon

  10. I went to Pizza Hut yesterday. I ordered “King of the Coast” thin crust. The taste was good, only I wish the thin crust will
    be thinner. Also, I don’t like the creamy (too much liquidy cream) and also I think it was not enough melting cheese. I like to eat Pizza that when I pick up a slice of it…the melting cheese will follow it like a long string. Also, I could taste that the Prawns were tasteless and I know why…because they are from frozen peeled prawns. The staff were friendly, especially the Manager.

  11. We turned up at Pizza Hut, Frome, 10 children and 4 adults. I asked if we could all be sat together ‘out of the way’ from the other customers, as when the children are all together they are a bit noisy, as you can imagine. The staff were brilliant, the lady who took our order was very patient and understanding whilst we attempted to get everyones food choices. We will definately return in the near future.

  12. i visited pizza hut with my daughter & my 2 yr old grand daughter and was very impressed by the service we recieved our waiter Alister was particularly good with my grand daughter he made her very welcome chatting to her she said he was nice and wants to go again soon fantastic

  13. I visited my local pizza hut at Crownhill Plymouth and was very disappointed with not only the service but the attitude of the staff. We where standing at the door for a while whilst staff walked past us. I understand that they may have been doing other things but a simple hello and i will be with you as soon as i can does not take seconds. once sat down we had to wait a further 15 minutes for them to come take the order. The drinks and bowls for the salad were brought to us quite fast as was the pizza that we ordered. But when it came to ordering a refill on drinks it seem to be impossible. I have the greatest respect for the 2 lady’s that were serving as they were trying there best to get around to all the customers. But to me they just seem very understaffed. We were going to order desert but changed our minds due to the fact that we didn’t have time. When paying the bill the server was very polite and when asked if we could see the manager went straight off to find them. The manager did come out and asked what was the problem. When i explained that we were not happy with not being able to get refills we where told rudely that it is not the place of the server to ask, but our place as customer to ask them. When i said that i respect that they are busy but why did they only have 2 staff on, they once again rudely told me that rota’s are done 2 weeks in advance so how were they to know they were going to be busy. I’m sorry but it was around tea time so surely they should have known this would be a busy period. All in all the manager seem to take on all my comments but did so with a big chip on their shoulder. They only benefit was they did reduce our bill as a good will. I think that i will not return to the Crownhill pizza hut again, but would continue to eat at others.

  14. Phoenix Paisley.Took myself and the kids to our local. Service was fast, faster than on previous visits, and ou waitress could not have done better. Food was quick to arrive was all in all we’d give today a big thumbs up. Thanks

  15. After being on a few days break in Bath we travelled back home to Upton upon Severn, travelling back I asked my 2 teenage daughters where would they like to have our end of holiday meal which is something we always do, they both replied Pizza Hut, 1 for Pizza the other for Pasta, after dropping off the caravan we travelled to Tallow Worcester. We ordered our choices, helped ourselves to the salad bar & sat at our table. The drinks were a while coming, however they did arrive, we chatted had our salads & drinks, still no main meals had arrived, I kindly asked the young waitress how much longer are we to wait we’ve be here about 50 minutes already, she went off to find out why, meanwhile our food did come to us & very nice it was too. The waitress did explain that the computer system was playing up & slowing things down. The manager did come up to us & offered us a voucher for our next visit; I didn’t ask to see the manager however the staff & manager handled the situation extremely well. The only criticism I have is that the staff could have told everyone on their arrival when being seated the problem they were having, everyone would have known straight away.
    Overall well done Pizza Hut,
    Thank you.

  16. delicious meal, the stafe were fantastic and would return anyday, i particually think its good that you can take the pizza you leave home with you as you then do not feel presured to eat it all and the drink refill for free is a brilliant idea, well done pizza hut keep it up

  17. Spending 5 days in York we asked out 2 grandsons where they would like to have their tea on the first evening……….in unison we got ………….Pizza Hut.
    There was 6 of us, we were welcomed, seated and served by a very pleasant young man. Meal was great, everything eaten, not a thing left. Very nice staff so we actually decided to go there on our last evening as well.

  18. We went to Tower Park Poole and had a lunch special
    we had a very nice lunch,because we were short on time we
    asked for doggy bags the waitress was very good and served us
    superbly she also promptly gave us the doggy bags requested
    We would certainly go there again

  19. Just finished a fantastic meal at weston-super-mare, we were served by a very attractive waitress called Claudia. The food was fantastic the Restaurant was lovely and the staff were all friendly.Would definitely go back , Thanks guys

    Sean (Scotland)

  20. Last night we dined at Pizza Hut, Tower Park, Poole.
    We were greeted by cheery waitress who sat us down at a nice table, gave us good service which was both prompt and courteous.
    The food arrived in due course, and was enjoyable, thouth the posh King coast pizza which I tried for the first time, was a bit undercooked and was very bland, not quite in running with pizzas.
    Overall, the evening was enjoyable and we came home feeling satisfied. Good work Tower Park Pizza Hut!

  21. On August 3rd, just after sunset I was breaking my faster in Ramadan. I went to Pizza Hut in Beckton Triangle Retail Park, Newham – London.

    I was served by a very polite and charming lady called Lucia, the service was excellent the food was hot and arrived in time. Really nice pizza in a relaxing atmosphere. I enjoyed while I was there and will certainly be visiting again.

  22. we went to the pizza hut in Speke Retail park, Liverpool today. There was no queue so we walked straight in, the waiter asked us where we would prefer to sit which was great.

    Waited about 10 minutes to be served which was not a problem really, salad bowls and drinks then came immediately (chocolate milkshake was Delicious!)another ten minutes until our cheesey garlic bread came but that gave us time to have salad. Another 15-20 minutes for our mains (veggie hot one, the best supreme and chicken and mushroom pasta bake)they were really tasty with no problems at all.

    The waitress was such a delight and so we felt really bad when we found out you cant leave tips using your card as we had no change to give her 🙁 the only other thing was that the air-con was a little too powerful but overall we had a fab lunch out.

    (too full to have any pudding but they have been yummy whenever ive had any pizza hut desserts before!)

  23. we went to pizza hut in banbury today we went straight in and sat down got our drinks striaght away the was great, they give us about 5 minutes to choose what we would like and then about 20 minutes later was our meals that was great so quick no problem.

    our waitress was so polite always made our orders quick always checking if we were okay and had everything we needed was a delight to have lunch there thank you!

  24. We took our son and his two cildren to Pizza Hut Galleys Corner today. Staff were very friendly and did all that we asked of them. The children were well pleased when they were both given balloons. The food was excellant and the service matched.

  25. My wife and I went to Pizza Hut, McArthur Glen Outlet, Livingston on Friday, 21st. We both chose the Salmon Pasta and really enjoyed the meal. Being able to choose our own salad is a bonus.
    We were both very impressed with the excellent service provided by Kirsty; she is a real asset to Pizza Hut. She is mannerly, polite, attentive and efficient, everything we would wish in someone serving our meal in a busy restaurant.

  26. My husband; myself and our children love coming to pizza hut Feltham; Middlesex.
    As the staff are excellent; the food we select are healthier than alternative local restaurants.
    The kids will always choose pizza hut Feltham and so do the adults for the friendly atmosphere; and good value for money.
    Thank you very much ♥♡♥
    Keep up the good work x


  28. Ian 26/12/2012.
    I visited Pizza Hut at London Way Preston with my wife and 8 Years old Daughter. The lady that served us was Very helpful. We were shown to a Table as soon as we walked through the Door. She was very friendly and talked to my Daughter about Moshi Monsters while waiting for us to choose our order.
    The food was served fairly quickly but my wife was Disappointed that her Posh King Coast Pizza only had one Prawn on each slice of Pizza. We expected more than that paying £9.75 for that one Pizza.It was rather expensive and they were not very Generous with the Toppings.

  29. i took my friend thier for his birthday on the 20th of March and it was a thoroughly good night even though we are in our late 20’s. My friend had never been before and he was very impressed with the selection of food and the ice cream and desserts that were on offer off course we went for the help your self icecream :D. our table service was excellent with smiles all round 🙂 we will be back.

  30. It was really amazing to learn that PizzaHut is also doing Happy Hour from 3 to 6pm. On 12 July, after a movie, in Feltham Cineworld, I went to PizzaHut to check the menu, and the staff in counter explained me about the discounted prices about various Pizzas and the Happy Hour bonus. I really enjoyed my meal and look forward to visiting Pizza Hut in Happy Hour. Keep up the extra package offer. With warmest Regards. Amit

  31. My family popped into the restaurant in the Basingstoke festival shopping place. We don’t usually go into this one as it can be busy, especially when the kids are off school. However there was plenty of space and we were quickly seated in the place that we wanted. We went for the buffet and there was a good choice of pizzas and the salad was crisp and fresh. We ate a fair bit and it was all as you would expect or wish for. Our waitress was Laura and she was attentive and polite. A lovely girl to talk to too.
    Keep it up Pizza hut! Thanks

  32. My husband and I dined at the Phoenix Leisure Park, Crewe, branch at about 5pm on September 26, before going to watch a film at the nearby Odeon cinema. We were welcomed by the duty manager and given our pick of the available seats. The service, from two servers during our meal, was very attentive and friendly. I have been a Pizza Hut customer since the 1970s but hadn’t visited for a while, so was very impressed by the current menu, especially the free salad with the main course. We ordered nachos, to share, to start with. They were fairly good, but quite a few were burnt. The pizzas and salad we had were excellent, though. I had a chocolate sundae for dessert, which I greatly enjoyed. My husband was too full after his main course to want anything else. For drinks, I had two small glasses of a pizza-perfect red wine and my husband drank diet Pepsi. Although unlimited free refills are offered, he had enough in his very generous initial serving. The restaurant was very clean, the ambient temperature just right and the music was audible but not intrusive. The bill was a pleasant surprise – very reasonable! We both enjoyed ourselves and will be going back.

  33. Pizza Hut in Doncaster is best place ever to eat delicious food. Today we had a new pizza burger- mniam mniam.. better than in Hell Kitchen!! Staff very friendly and must say they are good team there.. Love the place and people there. Thank you for your smile:))

  34. Was served by Annie in the fort in Glasgow after a day of Xmas shopping I was tired and famished my order was taken and starter on the table in 10 minutes she was chatty and never did I have to ask for my drink to be topped up she just brought over fresh drinks.

  35. We had taken the grandchildren for an afternoon out and on our return popped into the Taunton Hut. The staff were very helpful, Great activity books for the children and a 2 course meal with salad for 3.99. Our starter which we shared was absolutely amazing and the pizza was very tasty, all with an unlimited salad. Well done Pizza Hut. We will definately be going again.

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