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Tell Asda Customer Survey

Do you do your weekly shop at Asda? Tell Asda about your shopping experience. Asda stores have a range of grocery products as well as electrical goods, music department and George clothing range. If you could do with a little extra money to spend on your groceries, then check out the below survey for further details.

Tell Asda Customer Survey 

Do you enjoy shopping at Asda? Have ideas on how your shopping experience could be improved? Provide your feedback about your shopping experience and get the chance to go into the £1000 prize draw. – Win £1000

There are 10 prizes of £100 and a grand prize of £1000 to be won every month. To be in with a chance of winning go to and enter the store number and date of visit from your receipt. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you must be over 18 to enter.

About Tell Asda Customer Survey

Grand Prize: £1000 Cheque
Prize: 10 x £100


  1. store 4670 just spent two hours in store looking at clothes c.d. etc as well as a small shop to be rudely told at the check out that I shouldn’t have a refund on my car park ticket as I was 10 minutes over the allowed time, in reply the assistant was told either I have a refund or Asda keep the shopping as by the time on the receipt I was 5 minutes 17 seconds over the allowed time to visit your store. If this is the way customers are treated in future i will be shopping at either Tesco or Morrisons where it is hassle free and the staff are polite and no worry of feeding a machine cash to shop

  2. store 4751
    first time iv ever used an asda store and would have probably been the last if the 5% lager prices werenot the cheapest in town.
    popped into the store at wolverton, opp. tescos, complete chaos!!! 1 ‘manned’ till which had a queue longer than a free bar but, as i use self serve at other leading supermarkets, tried the several that were available in asda, the assistant who was suppose to enable smooth operation was involved in a dispute/refund with an elderly gentleman so could not authorise alcohol purchases, this lasted at least 5 mins, by then every self serve had flashing red lights, it was a comical situation!
    as an alcoholic, 5 mins is a long time waiting, i have just stopped shaking as i managed to get a drink, eventually!!
    terry 😉

  3. Shopped in my new Asda store (4557). Everything fine until my wife and got to the checkout. Although seemed to be lots of Asda people in the store there was only one checkout open and a queue of six people. When I asked for more people on the pumps I we were directed to the self service machines. Which are fine for baskets but not for half a trolley of goods.
    Not good, please train your staff to take money off customers.
    Keith Woodward

  4. shopped at asda, Birchwood Warrington for the past 4yrs. Helpful staff and i usually buy what i need. Today i was shock ed to see that some jobsworth moron at ‘Head Office’ decided to replace the Deli counter with a wall of pre-packed assorted meats!! No character, no more chatting to the staff, dull and not economically sound. Im sure this has persuaded lots more people to shop elsewhere, as i will be. The whole store has changed over the last week, putting a chlostrophobic atmosphere to the place, …high shelves in what are too narrow aises. Looks like travelling an extra 3 miles to Tesco may be worth the trouble. At least they have a fantastic deli counter.

  5. wife&i have used ASDA,metro centre ,gateshead,more or less since it opened,many years ago,in all that time,we have ever had cause to complain,about anything at all,indeed we would find it hard to believe if other stores had customers,like ourselves,who had shopped at there stores,over the same duration,have had the same trouble free experience,we would very much doubt it,SO COME ON ASDA GATESHEAD GIVE YOURSELVES A GIANT PAT ON THE BACK FOR A TRULY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN SHOPPING AS YOU WELL DESERVE IT.

  6. asda store 4915,arnold nottingham.isles too narrow,cages everywhere.staff cant be bothered to show you where stuff is.they just say “its over there”.not helpfull at all.the shop looks a dump.i would have thought that with the millions you make from your customers,you would invest in making it better for the people that are lining your pockets.cant find anything because its not uniform.example…pudding rice near to flour,NOT as you would expect,near all the other rices.its just a total mess.never any baskets at any of the two front entrances.told staff on numerous occassions,but nothing ever comes of it.i cant even give this store 1 out of ten,in fact,its on the minus scale.other asda stores i have visited are clean and tidy,staff very helpfull,easy to find things….so whats gone wrong with asda arnold nottingham???
    bad management perhaps???

  7. Christine 4674
    Iv shopped in Asda Clydebank since it’s been there and been upgraded and that’s a lot of year’s i have never experienced any problem’s at all, it’s a buzy store and staff are at hand at all time’s and i have never seen any asda staff member doing nothing,well mannered hard working folk x
    Well done Asda + thankyou x

  8. my sister-in-law and myself went to asda in grange rd birkenhead we bought 2 boxes porridge oats which were priced at £2 the till charged us £2-78 each the customer service refunded the overprice .how many more people were done like this ,in the liscard asda we would have got a gift voucher for our trouble but not in birkenhead .shoppers please check your bill we do every week

  9. Store.4655.
    i shopped today in ASDA. i really enjoyed my shopping ,i saw there are many differences between other stores and ASDA. ASDA id better than others, staff is very good and friendly. easy to find what u want and many more,, thanx ASDA.

  10. I havnt shopped in asda for a few years now. I went the other day for a set of pans as a house warming present. I was pleasantly suprised with the clothing department and ended up spending more than intended. The staff were very pleasant and helpful at the quick serve checkout. As i was leaving i heard a message about a roaming dog at the entrance to the store. As i walked out 4 assistants were trying to stop the dog from getting and were very kind to it. They even took a lead from the pet isle and clubbed in to pay for it. I know in any job in life there are always things that come to try us but this was dealt with in an excellent manner. Well done asda staff

  11. store 4903 WB Nottingham. Bank holiday monday 18:30…. store closes in half an hour… so WHY cant I take a trolly?? with a small child in tow I am informed at the door I can only have a basket as the store closes in half an hour. I try to argue the toss, Id be quicker with the small trolly (basket on wheels) but NO it is more than his jobs worth to let me in with a trolly, yet the woman behind me who apparently has cracked a rib WAS allowed to take a trolly!
    I was only getting work shopping and went to Asda as it was nearer (usually do it at morrisons) but its 6 loaves of bread, heavy cartons of milk and 6 bags of fruit which is bloomin heavy with a hand basket! when I went to the customer service desk to make a complaint, they weren’t even sure of the GSM name and had to check on my till receipt! however there was a very nice man who then helped me out to my car as my daughter couldn’t manage to carry the other 2 bags of shopping. BTW I was done and dusted in 15mins!! as an ex colleague Ive always stuck up for Asda…… well not anymore!

  12. You should have shoped at Asda kingswood Wed 08/05/12
    half the self service till out of order only one till staffed, Half an hour to get out with my shopping. vege rubish very fue staff anywhere so no chance of getting help if I needed it, thank god I didn’t need help

  13. Store number:4969
    It’s a small store but the staff are always on hand to help you find what you need. They don’t always have things I want in stock but I still go in there as it’s convenient with easy underground parking and bus stops nearby.

  14. Mansoor Ali-Crawley 4685
    I have shopped in Asda Crawley from sep’2011 since now. it’s been there and been upgraded and that’s a lot of months.I have never experienced any problem’s at all, it’s a busy store and staff are at hand at all time’s and i have never seen any asda staff member doing nothing,well mannered hard working folk x
    Well done Asda + thank you


  15. Rose 4684 2/6/12
    Went to asda store in sheffield( handsworth )found it to be abit intimadating very crowded around the first isle and the cerels not being a tall person myself everything seem to be on top of me however as we moved further down the store it did seem alot better. The girl on the till was very helpfull and polite the store was clean my only gripe was my apples where bad when i opened the bag i would not take them back as this would cost more in petrol overall not to bad.

  16. My local store is a bit small but I usually find most of what I need, sometimes I can’t get my newspaper so have to go elswhwere. the staff are all very freindly some of them worked there when it was a netto so know them quite well.

  17. Store number:4577

    My wife and I have shopped in Asda for many years now and still believe that their prices are brilliant. Not only do we always get good value for our money,but our local store is of a very high hygiene standard and never fails to amaze us with endless bargains. I often have pleasant and light-hearted conversations with check-out staff, which makes me feel like a valued customer every time I visit the store. Not only do we buy groceries from Asda, we have also purchased some lovely clothes. I have noticed that staff at Asda in Dumbarton seem to really enjoy their job and are always happy to help with anything they can. They simply just can’t do enough for you! I am not someone who will accept bad service or ignorance and would not hesitate to approach the manager if I felt something was not up to standard. However, I must admit that I have only very rarely had to take this action at my local store and was always assured that whatever problem I had brought to their attention would be solved. I feel that my local store portrays a very good image of Asda as a company and feel that it is a supermarket to be proud of!

    Nigel Moore

  18. Store 4184 in South Woodham Ferrers is great. I live close to it and worked there when it opened over 23 years ago. Many of the old staff are still there and I enjoy shopping and chatting to people I know and it is cheap.The only fault I find is that McDonalds have a franchaise in Asda and the mess left outside the store by the youngsters spoils the bandstand area and it looks terrible.It is the only McDonalds I know that doesn’t have someone clearing up outside the premises.George Stores is opposite and I buy most of my clothes there and the jewellery when on clearance so am often complimented on a outfit which may have only cost me £3 for a top,£6 for trousers and £1.50 for a matching necklace.Clothes wash and wear well so top marks
    plus I have 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren so buy in the sales for them so I love it. Rita McGregor South Woodham Ferrers.

  19. hello asda team, did my weekly shop yesterday and chose asda for a change.being unfamiliar with the store layout i needed help to find a couple of items, and your staff could not have been more helpful. they went out of their way to guide me, even offering other similar products i had not thought about.
    altogether a really enjoyable shoppind experience. i will be returning!

  20. Asda is the best store in the uk at press ant I use this stor every day and the staff are so helpful. I recommend this all round supermarket to anyone visiting London for the olympic games this store has won gold for me and the family. Vote Asda for store of the year 2012

  21. Well what can i say about asda? i think i should start by saying that after over 10 years of shopping in Asda Stafford and spending over £200 a month every month, my wife has just had a parking ticket from their parking attendands for £70 through the post, so we nor our family and friends will ever spend another pound in there for the rest of our lives. The monthly shop will now be spent in Tescos around the corner and i hope the parking fine stretchs a long way. Food for thought Tescos allow 3 1/2 hours free parking…. Just for info private charges for parking can’t be recovered because there is no contract between the driver and the parking company. I just wish it was me in my car as you wouldnt of got the fine and you would of lost the custom.

  22. 4694 .. Just been to your Donnington Telford branch and as usual found it to be a pleasurable experience. Found everything I wanted. was served upstairs in the clothing department by a lovely young man who didn’t seem to mind at all that I disturbed him doing some paperwork to serve me. The young lad on the checkout downstairs was very polite and friendly. I have said it before though that Asda staff always seem friendly polite and helpful. That obviously down in part to good staff choice and training. I <3 my Asda

  23. Just been to do my weekly shop at Asda Thurmaston, Leicester store. Always something new to browse at, and always at fantastic knock down prices. Great Store, Great staff, Great prices. What more could a guy ask for? That’s Asda price for you 🙂

  24. Store number 4969 Asda Falkirk,just spent 40 minutes waiting at a checkout,only 2 checkouts operating at 5 o’clock at night,Icounted 6 other staff in front of checkouts just talking together,surely in busier times they could have manned a checkout.Complained to supervisor who told us she also complained to manager on duty and her comment was “so what”,terrible way to manage a store and treat customers.Plenty other supermarkets in Falkirk i would have thought Asda would try harder to keep customers,Here is one who will not be back.

  25. went to store 4741 to do food shopping, as a male divorcee i hate shopping at best of times, and patience is not my forte. but every time ive went to this store i found every one helpful and most important cheery, i dont want to spend all day looking for items, so if i want to ask some one where that item is there is always some one there to help me, and that is spot on. today when i went the same happend, all staff around when i needed them and most of all helpful and cheery. while at checkout i was last in line there was about 8 in front of me, and an cheery assistant came over and aked if i was after cigarettes or alchohol at checkout to which i was not, she asked me to go to the self sevice machine which she gladly did everything for me and even put my money through and also packed my bags,while she was doing all this we were having a good chat and the assistant mentioning what she did for a charity event. now that is very nice,every one was helpful as usual, and will keep on shopping at that store, and yes your prices are good, but as a person who has no patience im in and out before i know it and i leave a happy customer thanks

  26. have been shopping at asda 4144 for many years, unfortuately it is definately going to the dogs. some staff (not all) are rude and ignorant. the home shopping staff shopper are always barging past, leaving crates and tray everywhere and general clutter. te store is outdated and could do witha complete overhaul.

  27. New store 4510 opened in Bangor yesterday. Good first impression, staff friendly and on the ball. BUT, who on earth designed the checkouts? A really short belt means you can’t get all the goods from a full shop on there before you have to start packing. The checkout lady did say there would always be help with bag packing but I absolutely hate anyone else packing my bags. This will actually put me off doing my main shop there- back to Tesco.

  28. i visited asda store in newton abbot devon on the 5th 12 12 the service was great and the staff very freindly and i was very happy with my goods and the store looked clean and they was loads of christmas choice and very low prices which is very helpfull at this time of year and it helps with my budget

  29. Great atmosphere, the staff where helpful and knew where items where when asked.
    The returns policy was easy to go through also which made my shopping experience easier.
    Good variety of products and found everything i was looking for on my visit

  30. I love shopping in Asda Dunstable..
    The staff are allways willing to help out and put me in the right direction if i need to find something.. my kids live goung to this store the they love asking the staff questions and the staff are allways happy to answer them.
    So i allways shop from there..Excellent customer service and value for money..
    Keep up the good work..Asda Dunstable

  31. Steph
    Everytime i shop at Asda its brilliant value for money. I can even get things cheaper than going to Icelands which amazes me coz i thought that would be cheaper. The clothes are great and stylish for all the family and great value! The only complaint i have is that there isnt a 24hr one nearer; the nearest is wembley. Please open one in s.ruislip so i dont have to travel so far!! Well done Asda your defo got my vote everytime. Keep it up and run these overpriced, overrated stores out of bussiness!

  32. I’m really like to shopping with asda.weekly one time or two time I’m shopping with asda Nuneaton branch.they I have a good customer care & helpful staff.In asda store I can get good quality product &lowr prize.Every week they have a good offer in all the product.I’m glad to written my comment to asda.Asda one of number one super Market in uk.

  33. I shop monthly now at your wheatley store .iv never been disapointed.i have raised my family with the help of asda .in those days it was weekly .now they have flown the coup monthly is sufficient .we bring the grandchildren now and are startin a whole new batch of memories.thankyou

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