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Tell Argos Survey

Do you shop at Argos? Enjoy browsing the Argos Catalogue at home before going in to order your home wares, gifts, gadgets and jewellery? If you have recently shopped at Argos why not tell them what you think by visiting the survey below. By entering you may even win the prize draw of £500 Cash.

Tell Argos Online Survey

Argos is the largest general goods retailer in the UK offering a huge variety of products in over 8,000 stores nationwide. Argos want to hear from their customers and give you the chance to tell them honestly what you think about the product and service offered at your local store. By giving your feedback you will not only be helping Argos with the improvement of their services but you will get the chance to win £500 Cash. – Win £500 Cash

The survey is easy to complete and no purchase is necessary. Just visit the online survey at choose the store you visited and answer the multiple choice questions. Upon completion you will be entered into the prize draw for your chance to win the £500 Cash prize.

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  1. Today I received an imaging customer service from Argos. First I went to Argos in Woolwich but the product I wanted it was out of stock.I was quite disappointed then the person who was in customer service sent me to Thamesmead and but before I come to Thamesmead she reserved that for me.I was so pleased about that than when I went to Thamesmead they gave me straight way without asking me to wait or queue up. I am sorry I don’t remember the person name who served me but I must say she knows very well what is CUSTOMER SERVICE. Wonderful attitude and very considerate and a beautiful smile. That made my day. Well-done Argos i really appreciate the customer service i got TODAY!

  2. went online today reserved a new washing machine as it said would be helped to get it to my car and load it.but to my amazment no one was interested to help me …they just said they had an issue with health and safety….untill one young man helped me he wraped the plug in plastic for me..and wheeled it my car and it was raining really hard…if i knew his name i would tell you and reccomend him for promotion above all the rest of so called employees…this happened in the wednesfield shop…no more argos..

  3. I heard about argos so many time from many of friends but i never been there.So i went there to buy a hair clipper.But it was taugh fr me to find that item specificly as m first time there.At that moment a beautiful lady came to me & helped me to found it.I am always been so many superstore but didn’t find a helpful environment like that.I want to give a soleful thanks from core of my heart to that lady and argos as well for giving us a stunning superstore with every updated facilities.No more……argos thanks again…….

  4. served By Anthony at Birstall leeds, i gave him a huge problem by returning two faulty tv’s, his excellent knowledge of the companys computer systems clearly showed as he processed my returns, making various phone calls on my behalf as i had not brought all the details and to stop me having to travel across leeds to the crown point store.

    totally professional with excellent customer service, giving me good advice for the replacement TV’s i was purchasing as i did not want to end up chasing my tail again, should anything go wrong in the future.

    top bloke

    thank you for all your help.

  5. I am extremely happy with the service I have received today in two Barnsley stores,first i visited Peel Centre Store and was served by a very pleasant young lady called Carmen,she couldnt have been more helpful, they only had one of the two items i ordered in stock but she soon found my second item at their Peel St Store and she reserved it for me, I was served there by a young lady called Lesley, again a very friendly and pleasant young woman, well done Argos in Barnsley for the excellent service and staff

  6. I visited the West Street, Fareham store 28/6/12 especially to buy some table lamps. As I wanted to match the colour, staff were more than happy to let me look at 2 colours before making my choice. In the excitement of finding exactly what I wanted I managed to leave my debit card in the store, but it was kept safely until I returned to collect it. Sadie who served me realised what had happened immediately and tried to catch me as I left the store. Lovely staff at the Fareham store. Many thanks to them all

  7. thank you tracie for all your help at crown point leeds store 496 ;this lady could not have been more helpful complete opposite to the people i had spoken to on the phone who did not seem to know what they were talking about and i was very annoyed ‘ but tracie was so helpful and sorted everything out ‘ so i shall continue to shop at argos in the future as long as the staff are calm and competent as tracie ‘

  8. last Wednesday I visited Argos,Birstall near Leeds,I waited at the till positions for a few minutes to be served ,there was no staff there to serve me so I left.
    I returned two days later ,the product that I wanted to purchase had increased by five pounds.
    It seems that when the prices are cheap the staff hide in the stockroom waiting for the prices to increase.

  9. I am very satified with the staff and they are very nice and very helpful they are very nice and I bought a watch and my watch broke and I came back to get a new one and the staff are very friendly and I bought a mirror and they still served me when they was closing and I bought a ps3 head set and they gave me a new one because it was making noises that why I wanted a new one and the staff are always there when I have problems and when I needed help and they always make me feel welcome

  10. i had the most fabulous time shopping at argos. the customer service is grate!! they make me feel please and comfortable, i think shopping at argos is a worthwhile contribution to me and my family every time my kids saw the argos store there always anxious to go in,because they know they can get just about every and anything in argose i’m just so pleased to see my kids so happy and it’s because of ARGOS!!! thank you so much you make a mother like me feel please when shopping.

  11. I am extremely happy with the service I have received today in two Barnsley stores,first i visited Peel Centre Store and was served by a very pleasant young lady called Carmen,she couldnt have been more helpful, they only had one of the two items i ordered in stock but she soon found my second item at their Peel St Store and she reserved it for me, I was served there by a young lady called Lesley, again a very friendly and pleasant young woman, well done Argos in Barnsley for the excellent service and staff

  12. Having experienced an unacceptable delay in obtaining spare brush heads for a “Oral Fresh electric toothbrush” i.e. out of stock since purchase in August 2012 and two registrations on the email notification system of Argos – I eventually went to Argos in Straiton to sort it out. Expecting some sort of reluctance to do anything much; I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the efforts of GERRY 019267 who accepted my complaint, researched the options and very quickly provided me with an alternative replacement unit – along with extra brush heads! Well done Argos and Gerry.

  13. my stepdad had to replace a faulty blueray home cinema system he bought, we got another 1 what i set up and had the same problem, so i had to take it back and managed to swap it for a better 1 what is working. the staff were helpfulwhen i got in store and dealt with me pretty quickly

  14. Went into my local Argos in Blackwood to purchase a Hitachi TV looked up the number had nice surprise in the sale £10 cheaper than I expected, over to the till to pay very nice young lady served me, sat down to wait for my TV, as quick as a flash I was called it was ready could not believe how quick and easy it was, a great customer service in and out in less than 5 min’s well done Argos.

  15. I am EXTREAMLY happy with my purchase at argos.I have aways got what ive wanted.I and my fsmiy have always relied on argos as we never come home without nothing.I always bought everything from there.The staff which work there are very helpful.The sales you put on are very interesting.The manager should be proud of him/herself.Without the customers enjoying the store you would not have a lively shop.

  16. Disgusted with Argos this time, reserved a floor lamp on line chose Chrome colour but when I got it home it was black! Went to their website again to check and found that the item is listed twice with two different order numbers for the same item. Clicked on chrome to reorder and it is listed as out of stock! Nearest branch with stock miles away so would cost more in petrol than lamp is worth. Wanted it for tomorrow so can’t wait for home delivery. They need to check their listings on the website and make sure they are accurate.

  17. Will never shop at Argos again. Gave them the number to the item we wanted. They read the item back to us and got it spot on. We paid our money then got receipt and went home. Opened our box today so could install our fridge and it’s a freezer inside the box. But because we didn’t check our receipt it’s our fault and they won’t swap it for what we asked for which is the same price. We are even willing to pay the delivery because the freezer is no good or as no use to us.

  18. I visited the Oldham (Elk Mill)store on 28th Feb.All the staff were helpful. I wanted to take the office chair I bought assembled. The deputy manager opened the box for me and lent me a screwdriver and scissors and when I had finished he took the chair out to my car for me. Excellent service!

  19. I was more then happy with the service that I received today at the Anlaby store on Thursday the 11th April by the deputy Manager GRAHAM he was very helpful in explaining every thing about my purchase, a television, nothing was too much for him, he was very polite and gave us 110% service. The very next day I had to return to the store and once again he was just as helpful as the day before, He is a credit to Argos.

  20. the Argos i always use is elk mill in oldham so efficient and the staff is so friendly and helpful,i can only comment on this argos as its the only one i use, and they way i always been treated at this store this is where i will always shop 100% satisfied

  21. I wanted a hula hoop for my granddaughter. it was not in the new catalogue. Rose asked her collegue Stacey if she could help. she found an old cataloge and found one last hula hoop in the store. I was so pleased with this help. they could have just told me there was none. it is so nice to get good service. This was in the North Bridge shop in Edinburgh.

  22. I reseved my items on line for store pick up .not much of a que so got served quickly was very pleased to find out that the shop assistant diana told me that I was allowed to choose another toy free of charge and although there was a que didn’t mind me looking through the catalogue for one I did apologise for taking a while but she said not to worry. Well I did manage to find one , I had brought 2 toys on the offer 2 for £15 so didnt realize I could also get one free and didn’t no about the promotion untill Diana had told me .This was a great service I received and I have told my friends about the promotion and about the service I received it was a pleasure to shop at argos Oxford.

  23. We visited Argos Reading Forbury retail park and were approached by Dan B who helped us very efficiently with the purchase of a number of electrical items, he saw it through from start to finish and impressed us with his polite, knowledgeable and professional service.
    Dan B will excel in his working career and is an asset to Argos,

  24. Excellent argos at Cwmbran Monmouth
    Walk reserved collected and now have
    Buy now pay later card all took under 10
    Mins. I work for big retailer made us look
    Rubbish still be queuing now! Served by
    John who’s pollite welcoming and efficient
    Pleasure to shop there, back next week

  25. excellent service at the fort kinnaird argos near edinburgh.I was there buying a jewellery item for a friends birthday.i was served my a very helpful member of staff named mirren who helped me look for the perfect gift for my friend,she was very helpful,patient,polite and is a credit too the company in my eyes.made the shopping experince a good one and il be back again and would recommend argos thanks to her great service.

  26. Yesterday 7 October 2013 I visited the Argos store at the Crescent Link Londonderry to buy a gift for my granddaughter. I was amazed at the speed, efficiency and pleasantness of my visit. From entering the store to leaving with my purchase took less than 3 minutes. Well done Argos and well done to the wonderful staff at your Crescent Link store.

    James McCarron

  27. Excellent service I have always found the staff very helpful and polite . They always have a smile and are always ready to help you . A young girl severed me her name was Emma at the tunstall argos. I just love argos . Many thanks for your customer service with a big smile

  28. Kevin Mc Hugh, October 23, 2013.
    Today is my 77th Birthday, so I may be fortunate to win a prize!

    On August 17, 2011, I purchased a Shaver in Brighton. On that occasion I found a young Staff member very helpful. Because of that I made a favourable comment on the machine.
    On October 21, 2013, I purchased a similar Shaver in Sprucefield Retail Park, Lisburn, N. Ireland.
    Andy, a Staff member, was very helpful in helping me to select and make the purchase. If only all Stores had Staff members that were so ‘people friendly’!

  29. I appreciate the services provide at your branch Argos Unit 1B Luton Retail Park. I have observed much professionalism at the store. Customer services were provided in very pleasing way. It is great to have such public relation with your staff.

  30. We went into the LOUGHBOROUGH branch of ARGOS to buy a television for my elderly Mother-in-law. The story being that when her carer goes to the house to get her ready for bed, she refuses to go to bed !!! Why……… because she loves watching television so much !!! So we thought a television in the bedroom would entice her to bed and with the timer activated it would switch itself off after a while. Problem solved ?? Not quite…….. we wasn’t sure what size to get her and we had been flipping the pages of the store catalogue for several minutes trying to decide what would be best for her, when a smiling friendly face appeared near to us and asked if we was ok or if we needed any help. Ooooooh yes, we definitely needed help. Thank you so much LIAM of ARGOS LOUGHBOROUGH, I think we would have been in your store for hours trying to decide what was best, if it hadn’t been for your timely intervention. Liam asked us how far away from my Mother-in-law’s bed the television would be as she would need to be able to see the characters on screen properly, such a good point. We were thinking of just purchasing a small television, but after talking to Liam, we realised that he was quite right ,as at 92 years old, my Mother-in-law’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be bless her. So, the television was sorted. LIAM mentioned that if we wanted, we could purchase 3 YEAR REPLACEMENT PRODUCT CARE, so that if my Mother-in-law stumbled and knocked the television over for instance, and it broke, she would be able to have a replacement one. How good is that ???? We snapped that up too. All finished………… not quite. We needed an indoor aerial, and Liam, still smiling, put up all the pictures onscreen for us to see. There was a good range to choose from, but that didn’t take too long. We just decided to go with the best one for the job. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU TO LIAM, you’re a star, you wasn’t pushy, just very helpful and it was much appreciated by us. We have been to other Argos stores where the staff leap out at you every couple of minutes asking if you need help and it can be very irritating, no smile on their faces, they just look like they’re on mission. I have left the shops before, because of this. We were very impressed by the way the staff in the Loughborough store walk around casually but look very approachable and friendly. I will definitely be recommending your store to friends and family. WELL DONE ARGOS in LOUGHBOUGH and WELL DONE LIAM, we hope your bosses appreciate your work. You made it fun to shop in your store. Thank you so much.

  31. Im terrible with computers , but got all the help I needed with Cillian and he was brilliant found everything I wanted very happy with all my purchases and only had to wait 3 minutes to collect my order thanks so much to all the staff at the argos retail park Dundalk co.louth , Ireland , see u all very soon fiona

  32. 5 star rating! Me and my brother went to the Argos store at Worksop to buy a few things that we had reserved online. We didn’t have to wait very long and the Staff member (who’s name I can’t remember) was incredibly polite, helpful & kind. 🙂 Thanks for an outstanding service as always. James B-)

  33. My mother went into Dewsbury branch on 13/12 looking for a scart to HDMI lead although they didnt have one a young Man called Anton took the time to explain to her what she needed but it would work out more expensive than to buy a new so we bought the dvd player great service and for a change these days a polite and helpful guy top marks Anton and thanks again

  34. Argos Merseyway shopping center near bus station! I was going into Argos for nearly 2 weeks before Christmas and was hoping to get an Xbox 1 and i was always approached by Nikki she went the extra mile for me went out of her way! She is an assest to your Team. Very friendly person and always trys to make the customer happy.

  35. i went to the southampton high street store to get my little girl a necklace, i was served by carol who went out of her way to find one that my daughter would like, as i am just a man and have no idea what girls like ;). i left the store feeling well looked after and satisfied. my daughter loved her necklace and she now thinks i have taste….. thank you carol !!

  36. We needed a new tv/dvd to replace the old video. we looked online and found the ideal tv reserved it and drove down to the store, paid by credit card picked up the tv and was back in the car in 3 minutes. Highly Impressed and delighted. Well Done Argos.

  37. I bought a George Foreman grill from Argos today at the snipe Ashton-under-lyne by a lady called Moira she had excellent customer service very friendly and pleasant. All the staff were my order was ready in minutes couldn’t ask for a better service. Really happy 🙂

  38. I visited the Argos at the arcades Ashton under lyne to day to purchase some bathroom scales,I was served by a lovely lady called Jacqueline .She was a very pleasant lady made good eye contact,and was very helpful she advised me about the replacement cover that Argos do.i got exactly what I wanted.the store was very clean and well presented and I came away a very happy customer and will be shopping at Argos again.

  39. Well Argos what can I say, let’s start by saying the service was so exceptional that I actually thought there was bosses around or we being televised 🙂 Due to forgetting something I called later and found exactly the same level of obliging staff unfailingly polite and more importantly cheerful despite the fact that it was now 8 hours later. For special mention and that is because I could hear with everyone in the queue is some one called Stephanie, she was bright breezy and apologised continually for ‘ keeping you waiting’ I then want to give a special award to Annie bless her ~ she didnt know she was going to be serving me and that I am conducting a survey in the town today about good service. so I approached the till without an order and asked if she could look up pillow cases and cushions for me….She did and helped me pick the colour out. Later on seeing me down at the collection point she enquired if everything was all right and was pleasantly pleased for me that I was ordering a further two cushions. Both she and Patasha, were chatty and friendly, by the way Patasha earrings are really nice. Would also like to mention the superb service and lack of ‘ Jobs Worth Mentality’ that the supervisor or manager showed. Because instead of sending me over to order 2 more cushions from the front of store, she found someone ( Patasha ) to do it for me ~ from where I was at the collection point. Now I cannot speak for the rest of Argos up and down the country, but if you want to know about service, suggest you come to Andover and they can show you how S E R V I C E is done. Also think that who ever engaged the staff , needs a special mention too because without his skill in choosing the staff, we wouldnt have the service that we have here in the Andover Argos. Manuela.

  40. visited the argos store in harlow harvey center today ,collection of a reservation unfortunately the price i reserved item at was now different to the price now asking , i would just like to say joshua was so very helpful in helping me and was very well presented and polite throughout the whole process , i am very happy and will definitely be returning to this store . many thanks a credit to your company 🙂 only wish all my shopping trips were as pleasant as this one .

  41. visited kettering argos served by a young man called Luke who was very pleasant and when i bought my item i was pleasantly supprised as it had been reduced by over half of the catalogue price i paid for it and when to collection point where it was waiting for me great service

  42. I went into the Argos store in Leamington spa this morning to purchase a Nutri-bullet. Even whilst I was collecting the item number from the catalogue I could hear one of the members of staff on the payment counter cheerfully greeting and serving her customers. When it was my turn to pay I was served by the same lady, Tracy O. She was excellent, helpful, cheerful, upbeat and bubbly, kind and courteous. I work in customer service myself and know how rare an attitude like hers can be. When I commented to her about how lovely it was to be served by someone with her cheerful and upbeat attitude she thanked me and pointed out that being cheerful was a conscious choice and that it made her feel better as well as the customers! I was very, very impressed. She made an onerous task, ( I hate going into town to shop for anything!), much more pleasant. I came out of the store with my purchase AND a smile. Thank you Tracy O. (P.S The other staff on the collection point desk were kind and smiley as well)

  43. was serviced by Patricia @ Argos, Chantry Centre, Andover… really satisfied with their services. She was helpful and I could tell she knew what she was doing very well. She was full of smiles and seem to be enjoying her work even though this was in the afternoon, after 5pm. She was excellent and had a very polite attitude to me as a customer. She impressed me because she was very easy to talk to and I could tell that she was actually listening to what I was saying. Thank You very much and a Job well done.

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