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Tell Shell Feedback Survey

Shell service stations are located in over 90 countries with over 1,100 petrol stations in the UK providing fuel, motor oils and car care products as well as refreshments to keep you going on the road.

Tell Shell Feedback Survey

If you have recently topped up on fuel at a Shell service station you can give your feedback and tell Shell what you thought of your experience and any suggestions for improvement. – win £100

Shell fuel vouchers The Shell fuel survey can be taken at where you will be asked to enter the Shell service station you visited and email address to continue. Select from 1-10 on questions such as the level of customer service you received, cleanliness of service stations and value for money.

At the bottom of the survey you can enter your details for the prize draw if you would like the chance to win £100 Shell fuel vouchers. The survey is quick and easy to complete and should only take a few minutes.

About Shell Feedback Survey

Website: or
Prize: £100 Shell fuel vouchers


  1. I am Mr.Mondol, During my visiting time in uk i visit more filling station i think Shell is the best. Shell service, customer care,responcibility is better than the others. I am very happy with their service and i fully fan of them.Specially i like Broughton Shell station.I get service from Mr. Chowdhury. He is really great adviser and he is charming.I am really happy with his service.Following his advice now i am using V-Power Nitro. That is really Worth to use. Thank You

  2. I would just like to leave my thoughts about a lovely young man called Ian who works at your shell station in Sketty, Swansea. I regularly attend at this station on my way to work in the morning and even though it is usually early Ian is always happy and smiling. He is always very polite and happy to chat. He is a credit to your company and you should be glad that you have such great staff. Thank you Ian.

  3. I will like to say how happy l am to meet such a lovely man like Chowdhury his service is very nice and excellent. I really appreciate his service and will like to go to the again due to his amazing service. Fantastic keep it up.
    Rebecca Badu-Prempeh.

  4. I Mr Hussain (SL recovery service fuel assist) would just like to say thank u to a cashier called Arshad in Stoke on Trent site no 10019107 great customer care skills he is always smiling and upbeat. Nothing is to much trouble and the garage is is a credit to Shell.

  5. I only use my local Shell station when the price of diesel goes down in line with the local major supermarkets, in my area the cost of fuel is one of the highest in the UK. Only 10 miles away fuel costs at regular fuel stations can vary by average of 7p a litre less.
    The service at my local Shell Station is always polite and helpful, as with most other Shell Stations , I have used,

  6. On Friday I went to get my diesel, only to be greeted by a lovely man called Richard, we had a chat and he made me feel very comfortable. I do think he should be at my petrol station, shell of Cringleford everyday. May I suggest if you haven’t given Richard a bonus please do because he is the reason I will be coming back to shell of cringleford. Thanking you kindly Nattel

  7. SUPERB STAFF AT THE BAGULEY, MANCHESTER SHELL. I always feel welcome when I visit this petrol station. They always smile and say hello and make eye contact with me. Sounds simple but it really annoys me when I spend my hard earned money somewhere and the cashier won’t even look at you. Atif in particular always asks me how I am and how my day has been and always wishes me a good night. I hate buying the 2 things I generally get from here… fuel and cigs as they are so expensive!!! But at least I leave with a genuine thank you and good night.

  8. I would just like to leave my thoughts about a lovely young man called ATIF who works at your shell station in Buguley, Manchester . I regularly attend at this station on my way after work in the evening and even though it is usually late ATIF is always happy and smiling. He is always very polite and happy to chat. He is a credit to your company and you should be glad that you have such great staff. Thank you ATIF ! .

  9. My local shell garage(which I always use whenever filling my car locally) introduced the system of someone filling your car with petrol for you- this was between certain times during the day- and was a fantastic service, young mums with children in the car, grandparents, the older customer as well as “ordinary” folks. Sadly like a lot of other services from other areas, this has now been withdrawn, my garage was site No:10019324 this garage is at Marsh Huddersfield, the chap’s name was Dave, he did a good job and is now missed by a lot of customers,why introduce something and then remove it when it was working well?

  10. I regularly use the shell garage at Crewe Toll Edinburgh – Site No 10019455 as there are only a few stations that sell LPG in my area. If he is on duty I am always approached by Eddie. He is always prepared to a chat and as I have been poorly for the past few months he always enquires how I am keeping. He is always willing to fill up with LPG or inflate tyres as at times I find these tasks difficult. I feel this service is invaluable and Eddie is a credit to your company. In general I find all the staff at this station to be friendly and helpful.

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