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Iceland Customer Feedback Survey

Do you shop at Iceland to buy your frozen food groceries? What do you like about Iceland customer service and products provided? Give your feedback and you could win £1000 in the My Iceland Survey prize draw.

Iceland Customer Feedback Survey

Beginning in 1970 Iceland has grown to over 750 frozen food stores throughout the UK. Iceland ranked number 1 in the Sunday Times 2012 best large company to work for in the UK. Do you think this is reflected in the staff service and helpfulness? What could be improved at your local Iceland store? – Win £1000 

Tell Iceland what you think about your local store and why it is a great place to shop at To enter, have your Iceland receipt handy to fill in the date and time of visit as well as the transaction reference located at the bottom of your purchase receipt. Once you have given your feedback you will be entered into the draw for 10 chances to win the £1000 prize.

About Iceland Customer Feedback Survey

Prize: £1000


  1. My husband and I shop regularly at the Burnley Iceland store because of the excellent competitive prices, quality produce and friendly staff, they could not be more helpful. I always tell my family and friends about the regular good deals to be had and how low the prices are.
    Thank you Iceland we’ll see you soon.
    Mrs. E & Mr T. Haslam

  2. i shopped in lcelands today booked an appointment between 5 and 7 for home delivery and it is now 7 50 and no delivery not happy my hubby and i were going out for dinner for our anavesry tonite and have had to cancel due to waiting still for our delivery so not at all happy

  3. “thats why mums go 2 iceland” !!!…soooo true! i am a new mum & love shopping at iceland because i can fill up my freezer for very little money & the food is great! it is especially good for special occasions as iceland does great themed food which is quik & easy 2 cook. the staff are always very helpful & friendly too 🙂

  4. Love the great deals, and cheap prices. Icelands own makes are great aswell and I love the fact you can get a Home delivery as this helps us out a lot as we dont have a car and we’re always pleased with customer service. Would recommend Iceland to anyone.

  5. Iceland is the best frozen food shop to shop at.It as the best prices i can affford ,and the staff are very friendly and willing to help they allways have smiles on there faces.I love the idea of having home delivery,the driver is very friendly and very carefull with my shopping when he delivers it to my door.THANKYOU TO ALL THE STAFF AT ICELAND FOR MAKING MY SHOPPING EASY.

  6. i am on job seekers allowance so i don`t have much money to spend on food but what i do buy at iceland is at bargain rates and great produce. the staff are also of great help as i would not know about the chance of winning 1000 pounds unless it was for julie at yous stroud store. thanks

  7. George Anderson

    I always shop in Iceland Store in Johnstone Renfrewshire, The staff are always very enthusiastic & always willing to help when they can . Thanks to Lainey at Johnstone store for informing me about this survey . Its nice to be given the chance of getting a bit extra cash to spend . Good luck to everyone .

  8. We love Icelands, affordable prices, great products and friendly, helpful staff. Today we did our regular weekly shop, and as it’s Sunday we missed our delivery opportunity as there was no slots left, but a very helpful and kind delivery man from our local store in Gravesend,Kent, went out of his way and delivered our food, thus making it easier for me and my husband as we had 2 little kids on tow, in my opinion best customer service ! thank you icelands

  9. I use icelands for the last 4 years since my wife had a bad experience at Tesco .we find icelands staff very helpful,polite ,and our orders are always on time . We use your service on a daily basis . Your prices are very affordable as we are on benefits . Thankyou for a excellance service …

  10. A Sainsbury’s store recently opened in my town of Hythe, Kent.
    For the first three weeks a drop in the number of customers in the Iceland store was noticeable.
    Then gradually they all came back saying Sainsbury’s couldn’t match value for money, and all the great offers that are always available at Iceland.
    ‘Upmarket customers’ are also converting from Waitrose to Iceland when they see the great deals.

  11. I shop at Iceland in blandford in Dorset every week to do my weekly shop, the quality of the food and prices are brilliant i get my worths and more, the staff are very friendly and always smileing as im a regular customer there some of them already no that a delivery is wanted. Delivery is always within time as specified.
    I wont be shopping anywere else for frozen food etc, anytime soon.

  12. My husband and I shop regularly at the Colwyn Bay Iceland store because of the excellent competitive prices, quality produce and friendly staff, they could not be more helpful. I always tell my family and friends about the regular good deals to be had and how low the prices are.
    Thank you Iceland we’ll see you soon.
    Mrs T & Mr S.Evans

  13. Alieu mboob,27 Nov2012,Hastings east Sussex,I shop at icelands because it’s excellent food for the money an has a home cooked taste.there is plenty of selection an i,m always served by pleasant an helpful staff an the home delivery is very good an reliable I,m a very happy customer thanks icelands for making my shopping so pleasant(:)

  14. Joan Firth 31.11.12
    Its always a pleasure to shop at our Bridlington Iceland store, the staff are always so very helpful and cheerful, the prices are superb, and the goods excellent value for money.
    This makes for a very happy shoppping experience.

  15. I shop regularly at Balaam St.Iceland store,and it offers a great selection of frozen food,excellent quality produce,good value for money, most of the staff are friendly and willing to help.
    May I thank Mary who always greets customers with friendly smile, and helpful attitude. A true outstanding customer service.

  16. I go to middlesbrough branch,it is very reasonable especially when your on a budget and having no car the delivery service is excellent, the staff are always friendly and always happy to help….. THATS WHY MUMS GO TO ICELAND………

  17. My Mum and Dad shop regularly at the Colwyn Bay Iceland store because of the excellent competitive prices, quality produce and friendly staff, they could not be more helpful. I always tell my family and friends about the regular good deals to be had and how low the prices are.
    Thank you Iceland we’ll see you soon.
    Mrs.T & Mr S.Evans

  18. I recommend all my friends to iceland, free delivery over £25, friendly delivery guys, staff friendly and always helpful. Food and very good value or money! Now which leading supermarket offers those things all in one? Thanks Barking Branch!

  19. I am a single parent with five kids i shop in iceland in airdrie twice a week. I know every one of the staff by name and they are always very helpfull and freindly. i just love the delivery service as it saves me carrying loads of bags and managing kids at the same time.they are always delivered at the time stated by a freindly face usually john.My kids get the best of food and lots of treats within my budget.I would never shop anywhere apart from iceland dont know what i would do without it. merry xmas to all at iceland. tracy mcdonald from airdrie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Sonya Ellis
    I enjoy the fact that I can fill up my freezer for a fraction of the price of a normal supermarket,the kids love the taste of icelands products,and after you have shopped you get the option of free delivery now you carnt ask for anymore than that can ya mums!

  21. My usual iceland is in Bulwell Nottingham and, although I like the products, have not been a good user of the shop because it is so difficult for me to get to it (disabled). I was therefore eager to try the new store opened in Nuthall Notiingham. It is fantastic. Parking ouside, New. CleanN Friendly helpful staff and great products. I filled up my freezer ready for Christmas. Thanks for making my life easier

  22. Debbie teague ,27 Nov 2012,Hastings east Sussex . I shop at Icelands because it’s excellent food for the money an has a home cooked taste,there is plenty of selection an I,m always served by pleasant an helpful staff an reliable I,m a very happy customer thanks Icelands for making my shopping so pleasant?

  23. I shop regularly plumstead iceland store.I love iceland because of quality frozen food,and price are brilliant and staff are very friendly and always smiling as in a regular customer and delivery is always with in time as specified and free charge.

  24. the prices in iceland and very afordable, because my mother lives with me,the 3 kids + the hubby it can be quite dear but iceland make it easy to shop there at least 3 times a week and especially at christmas when quite a few people have parties and the selection trays like the mini sausages and all the staff are wonderful and i know most of them all love a chat

  25. Can’t beat the service provided at iceland. The staff there work so hard all of the time but even more so at this time of year. When everyone is stressed out they still make it easy for us mums. Packing the shopping to hone delivery made easy. It would be even better if we could shop on-line.

  26. i go to iceland in huddersfield in aspley there staff if great they have a great range of frozen foods and drinks etc. its very cheap and the iceland brand tastes brilliant the home delivery is great last time i ordered it was with me within half an hour and its free ice for me is ten out of ten brilliant store

  27. Good value as always without marketing distractions to lure me away from my shopping list.Staff are always friendly helpful and good humoured. My son loves the lasagnes which at a £1 are a bargain. Very handy when he bursts through the door after school saying “am starving what’s for dinner?”. With shift work don’t always have the time or inclination to make from fresh. Basic staples of milk, juices cheeses and fish remain competetively priced. Good old Iceland!

  28. Shopping at Iceland for me is very economical, being a single mum and not having enough money can become quite challenging, Iceland also gives you the choice of an healthy option, there should be more Iceland supermarkets around, you can also benefit from any offers by using your bonus card everytime you shop.

  29. Im single parent of a child with aspergers syndrome, so for me shopping in iceland is essential, it enables me to get my whole weeks shopping on a budget but if my son wants something particular for lunch or dinner its always a quick trip to iceland to pick up the treats. Iceland staff are always helpful in finding certain items, reaching items from shelves i can’t reach, packing the shopping at the till and even calming by talking to my son when he’s having an episode! The staff are always polite and curtious and very apologetic if the cue was particually long, well done to you all and thank you for providing a great service and products!.

  30. sophie I love Iceland because of the quality food and cheap prices with having little money and running my first new flat and just living around corner it helps me survive the week its got every thing you need and a more wouldn’t shop anyway else thank you Iceland you Beauty x

    • As a pensioner I have shopped at every food shop venue there is and this is my conclusion. Iceland is Top of the Shops. Their friendly helpful staff are second to none.Their food is varied and good quality and their prices are cheapest in town.Their delivery service is free,well packed and always on time.I rest my case.Iceland is astonishingly superior.
      Valerie Smart 10.02.2013…

  31. since you built our new iceland store in sheffield on crickett inn road it has changed our life completly we can get there in 5mns from where we live bieng pensioners its made life so easier it saves us money that alone is a bonus and your amazing staff are incredible as we put goods onto conveyer belt staff were bagging them up for us they just cant do enough for you then there is the prices so cheap cannot believe how cheap groceries are the most friendly place to shop thank you iceland

  32. Shopped at Iceland Alfreton not been for years, set up pretty much the same but the deals are as good as ever. Full basket of shopping fresh and frozen no horse meat in site and all for under £100 excellent. Not forgetting the chatty lovely girl on the check out, will start going again regularly.

  33. Shahida Mahmood 12/02/13 17:57 1327 05 6752 10
    I love shopping at my Iceland store in St. Andrews retail park in Birmingham. I can shop for all the necessities such as bread and milk at amazing prices. Everything is under one roof, I can stock my freezer and fridge in one go and nothing is too much trouble for the staff, they go out of their way to help you.I always let my friends and family know about your great deals. You certainly wowed me Iceland.

  34. Shopping has never being so convenient since Iceland come to Plumstead High street.The store is not far from where I leave hence I can quickly get all I need at an excellent price and fix variety of meal for my family. Thanks to all that make my local Iceland possible.

    My name is Michael Oluleye

  35. I’ve learned about Iceland through a friend. When I first walked in to Iceland I was amazed wow. A staff member introduced me to a bonus card and he explained everything to me. When ever I shop in Iceland I use my bonus card,everything is so Cheap Cheap I feel Wow every time when I shop at Iceland value for my pound thank you Iceland

  36. Iv always shopped at the scunthorpe iceland store as it holds many great qualities from the excellent staff and the competetive prices. Quality of the food is brilliant and the staff are very helpfull and pollite. Also a great delivery service especially for single parents like myself

  37. icelands is brilliant. theres really good value for money and the staff are really friendly and more than willing to help. the family size meals are great as it means i can feed the whole family for under a fiver. well done and keep up the good work 😉

  38. Iceland came to my town , but it was quite a while before I ventured in as I was quite happy with my usual supermarkets. I arranged to meet my daughter in town and I was early so I decided to go into Iceland to pass the time. I was amazed at the products on sale there, so I got a trolley and I’ve been a visitor to Iceland almost every day since. “Good Food, Good Choice, and exeptionally Good Value”
    “That’s Why Dads Go To Iceland”
    Liam Kelly Derry. N. Ireland

  39. i love to shop at iceland but today i went to do my shop and i wasnt happy barnsley iceland havent got good customer service skills i got a home delievery as usual bt only half of my shoppin turned up so i had to wait about for the rest and i missed some very important meetings which i am nt happy about never agen will i shop there !!!!!

  40. I love iceland excellent value for money as I am disabled I don’t gave a lot of spare cash but I do get my moneys worth at Iceland we used to have a store in wisbech I miss that so much ithink iceland would do extremely well if that did online shopping I would use it all the time please consider it. Thanks m. Synnott

  41. I love iceland excellent value for money as I am disabled I don’t gave a lot of spare cash but I do get my moneys worth at Iceland we used to have a store in wisbech I miss that so much ithink iceland would do extremely well if that did online shopping I would use it all the time please consider it. Thanks m. Synnott

  42. Me and my family love shopping at iceland great food at cheap prices and the staff are allways helpfull. I think the groceries are to high quality. And the prices are ver suitable compared to the other shops. Iceland is my place to shop and will be in the future.

  43. I often visit Worcester and Malvern Iceland shops but on my infrequent visits to Hereford I get a warm welcome, helpful floor staff and smiling efficient checkout staff.
    Customer services would learn a great deal from Hereford.
    Special thanks to Darrell who goes the ‘extra mile’

  44. i love shopping at iceland becaus its worth the prize!
    when i was young i didnt get why my mum always shopped a iceland every weekend, but as i got older i got why she did shop at iceland becuse its much much cheaper than other shops/stores!
    whn its the end of week i litterly cant wait to go to shop at iceland, and i espessaly love the costumer service, they are really helpfull and kind!

  45. Just popped into Bangor N.Wales Iceland for crinkle cut chips (for that price I brought a few),cheese burgers and Doner Kebabs to keep on stand by, was really happy to just pay £1.00 for each item and the cheese burgers are a double pack too. What a lovely surprise to only have to spend £10.00 for this haul of frozen goodies!!!

  46. My name is amy ward i done my shopping in the hove store today i was served by karen she is very friendly person there thay are all very helpfell the food is grate value and thay welcome u in to the storei would be very happy to tell my friends to shop there i am a regular customer there and thay are the most polite people then any other store

  47. I regularly shop at both Fleetwood and Blackpool stores and find the staff extremely helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them. They are always happy and have great smiling faces which cheer you up if you are feeling low!
    The qualty of food is excellent and the prices are great too! An added bonus is that I can use my High Street vouchers there too!

  48. i just love icelands icelands is the best food store in town i go there to shop all the time because there food is just great, they have good products and brands, if i need food this is the only place id go, im happy icelands come to town i love shopping that icelands you even get free delivery which is even better, the staff that work at icelands are so nice to talk to, they are good workers they help you with anything, thankyou for reading my comment …

  49. I love Iceland shops , specially the one in the old swan ,Liverpool , such friendly staff , and always willing to help , also find bargains on quality products , pleasure to shop in such a nice environment , beats Farmfood and Heron`s hands down …. thank-you from a well satisfied customer .

  50. I shop in Iceland in newton abbot, friendly staff and very helpful, I do my big shop there every Sunday which I have dine for years. I am served by a girl named Stephanie who is very friendly and helpful she knows us by name and even has our ticket with our name on ready for us so it can go round the back to be picked up, she makes sure it goes round there straight away, she is a lively girl and we couldn’t ask to be served by a better person.

  51. I always shop at iceland. Krystyna usually serves me and shes always smiling. The prices are great…i can feed my family of four without breaking the bank easily, which in todays financial climate is a huge relief. The food variety means dont have to stick to the same boring meals week in week out, which when you have teenagers, is always a plus!!

  52. the store in Thornton heath was very welcome the staff was very helpful I used to go Tesco & Sainsbury’s but now I go Iceland all the time now for my shopping & alot of my friends now go there & say that all your stuff is at the rite prices

  53. HI I usually go to Iceland store in Hayes high street middlesex their is always friendly staff and the prices are very much cheaper than other stores and the products are of very nice standards especially the quality is really good . The staff is very friendly in their stores . I love shopping at Iceland store they are simply best .

  54. we have shopped in icelans for many years and have always been impressed with both the quality of food and the friendliness of the staff, and also the fact that the store is always very clean and tidy throughout ,and their competitive prices which adds to the delightful shopping experience , so with that icelands gets a 10/10 every time….
    the only downside is the till staff repeatedly lick their fingers whilst opening the carrier bags, which we find unpleasant 🙁

  55. Iceland must treat their staff very well as you never see a grumpy face! I shop in the Hammersmith, W6 and Tolworth, KT6 branches. On 22/06/13 in the Hammersmith branch I was served by Saidul, who was pleasant, polite and helpful and on 27/06/13 in the Tolworth branch, I was served by Charlotte who made sure I had everything I needed. Nice smiley people! So important when you are shopping to make you feel good about the shop you are in and what you are buying.

  56. I shop in iceland in the marian sq netherton everyday for myself and my daughter i love all the cheap Food on the budget i get i love eveything about the shop the staff are all ways very helful and always happy to help. i wouldnt shop anywhere else. its a easy store for me to get to i also love getting the iceland delivery and it always comes when stated when i get my big shops. tracy ur always very helpful j.vandereeth x

  57. Iceland has good price so i always go there i love iceland it is the best shop in cradley when i first went there i buyed so much food i wasted £100.00 nealy because i loved the food there that much everybody in the whole would should go there.The staff at iceland are kind and helful also friendly.

  58. I love my local Iceland store,and the staff are always helpful, todays experience wasn’t so good. All but 1 checkouts were full of trolly delivery shoppers! Not 1 available for basket shoppers, I really needed my items and waited, but I noticed other shoppers leaving without buying.

    It won’t dissuade me from shopping there, but I think they shouldn’t forget basket shoppers, mine totaled almost £15.

  59. I visited my local Iceland shop today and was not disappointed with the service, it was quite busy but the checkout girls were very quick and friendly. My two daughters shop in Iceland every week as they both have young families and they find it good value for money

  60. Iceland is the shop that we always shop at in Caerphilly I have a fussy 4 yr old but she loves going to Iceland as there is all the foods she loves and at really good prices , she cant wait for Christmas so she cant pick her own party food thank you soooooo much Iceland ur the best xx

  61. Couldnt be without iceland, my children are fussy eaters, but iceland cater for all 3 of them 😀
    Iceland have done me well for bbqs in the summer, house warming parties, birthday parties, easter, christmas and all ocassions.
    Customer service has been good to me, i cant camplain 😀

  62. I stock up my freezer just before christmas every year,I spend usually around £200 or more using vouchers. I get a lot for my money even though prices have risen,this year I am early. Good quality and I have no complaints,delivery is very good,drivers are pleasant and courteous.

  63. My Iceland shopping was delivered by a man named Paul from the Maidstone kent branch, Unfortunatley one of the milk cartons had leak he apologised and said he would bring me a new one which he did the next day. I would just like to say thank you and I went in the store today to tell them there what a lovely fella he was I believe in giving credit where credit is due so once again THANK YOU PAUL 🙂

  64. Both me and my partner always shop at Iceland in Hyde Cheshire,the prices are kept low and competitive with a fast friendly services,the staff are always helpful along with the delivery staff,nothing is ever too much trouble.Cant wait until we can shop on line. A very big thank you to all at Iceland.

  65. i shop at iceland harold hill in essex the store is very clean tidy and staff there are very friendly helpful and very approchable prices are good when feeding a family like mine the food is good quality and when i have home delivery this service when my goods araive is always with a welcome smile i am happy to say i will continue to shop here for years to come well done harol hill store.

  66. Been shopping at Iceland for years now – consistently great value and choice .
    The staff are always friendly and helpful but especially so at this time of year.Really make Xmas shopping a treat .Saw a tv programme about the company recently and I wasn’t suprised to see how happy everyone was . Well done all of you

  67. Hi, I would just like to say I went into Iceland in ring wood for the first time in ages and it was good to see all the staff again. I was served by Lyn and as allways it was a happy experience. Its nice to have a giggle when out shopping. Keep up the good work everyone.

  68. hi, i shop at iceland in billingham regularly and i have naver had a bad word to say about them, it is always well stocked, great prices it is affordable shopping. The staff are so friendly normally stop and chat at the end of my shop, cant beat iceland!!!

  69. James coulter,i have never shopped in Iceland before allways passed it on the way to asda or morrisons,before xmas it was cold and wet,so i called into iceland,my wife is blind and deaf,so it is very hard shopping any way,i was so impressed,with the service,and cooperation i recieved,and help with packing,and veriety of products there we only shop at iceland now,very impressed.Widnes store Cheshire.

  70. Geraldine Mccarthy 28.1.2014

    Hi i went in your Grimsby store on 15.1.2014. I had to ask an assistant twice were to find things as I’ve never been in this store. I was very impressed with her, she took me to the item both times and was very pleasant she made me feel it was no trouble. I did say to her if i was a mystery shopper you would of passed. when i got to the till the lady was very pleasant and another assistant came to help me pack. The service i received was excellent i had my granddaughter in the trolley and my mother in wheelchair and my shop was made very easy for me. I am a manager myself in retail and would happily have any of the three assistants work for me. The lady on the till was called chris but unfortuneatly i didn’t get the other two names. very impressed customer..

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