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Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey

Beefeater Grill has over 130 pub restaurants throughout the UK with its first pub opening in 1974 at The Halfway House in Enfield. Part of the Whitbread Group, Beefeater Grill want to ensure that they continue to provide quality food at great prices for a range of occasions and family get togethers.

Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey 

Bringing customers a sizzle to the plates with char grilled beef, chicken and fish, Beefeater Grill want to make sure restaurants are welcoming and provide excellent service and food. What is your local Beefeater Grill like? Give your feedback and you will receive a bottle of win to enjoy with your next meal at Beefeater Grill. – free bottle of wine 

To complete the feedback form visit and tell Beefeater Grill how they did. To get started enter the restaurant house number (no letters), check number and date you visited a Beefeater Grill pub. Once you have given your honest feedback you will be given a voucher for a free bottle of wine to print out and use next time you enjoy a meal at Beefeater Grill.

About Beefeater Grill Feedback Survey 

Free: Bottle of wine


  1. hi
    a very friendly experience .i had a complaint regarding my stake which was rectified with no fuss
    but i am sorry to say i was not pleased with my replacement stake,i think your grill is not cooking evenly one part of both stakes was alot more tender than other parts and much more unevenly cooked.
    but overall the staff did the best with the meat and what they used to cook with.
    i think it needs to be checked either or meat or cooker .

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