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The Cadbury Win a Banger competition offers participants the chance to Win a Banger and drive it from Lille, France to Barcelona, Spain at plus lots of other prizes up for grabs including Cadburys chocolate. Cadbury is one of the UK’s largest chocolate brands, opened back in the 1800s, Cadbury continues to provide a range of chocolate brands and Cadbury World for chocolate fanatics to enjoy.

Cadbury Win A Banger Competition

The Cadbury Win a Banger Competition coincides with the 4-day Wacky Rally 2015 where you will join 60-80 other cars in the Barmy to Barcelona event. Competition winners will get to drive up the Alps and along the French Riviera into Barcelona in the Wacky car dressed up as your favourite Cadbury chocolate brand. All accommodation is included plus spending money and a support vehicle. This crazy prize is like no other! Entering the competition is easy and you will get the chance at winning other instant prizes including chocolate, trips to Wales and bangers and mash meals.

Enter at and Win over 5,000 in Prizes

To enter visit and click the yellow box “enter competition” at the bottom of the page. To enter you will need to fill in the form including your name, email, phone number and address. These are mandatory fields to enter the competition, you can read the Privacy Policy to see how your contact details will be used and terms and conditions to gain further information on the grand prize.

Then select your favourite Cadbury chocolate bar from Boost, Double Decker, Starbar, Twirl, Wispa or Wispa Gold. Type the text you see in the security box and then select that you are over 18 and agree to the privacy terms. Click enter competition to submit your form.

Once done you will be directed to get the chance to win instant win chocolate, downloads, meals or trips to Wales and entered into the grand prize draw to Win a Banger.

About Cadbury Win A Banger Competition

Cadbury Competition Website:
Terms and Conditions:
Competition Closing date: 31 August 2015
Instant Win Prizes: 10,000 x Downloads, 1,000,000 x Cadbury chocolate bars, 5 x trips to Bangor, Wales and 500 x Bangers and Mash Meals
Grand Prize: 4 day trip to drive a Banger in the Wacky Rally 2015