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The Top 10 Tips for Completing Surveys

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The Top 10 Tips for Completing Surveys

1. Remember to look after your store docket or receipt

Keep your receipts near the computer so you can easily find them when you’re about to complete a survey. Many surveys will require codes from your docket, such as the survey number, store number and the date you visited the store.

2. Find help with reviews and get answers to your survey questions

Having trouble completing a survey? Don’t worry – UK Store Surveys provides helpful reviews and step-by-step instructions on how to complete a wide range of surveys.

3. Check the survey website you have entered is correct

It’s very common for businesses to have a separate website for their survey, so if you’re having trouble finding the website make sure you’ve entered the right address. If you’re referring to a receipt, double check the URL you have entered as it’s likely both the main company website and the survey link will be printed on your docket.

4. Give candid feedback in surveys and win great prizes

Surveys are the perfect opportunity to let the company know exactly how you feel. Feel free to give your honest opinion, whether it is positive or negative. Your survey responses are taken seriously and will help improve the store or restaurant. Personal details such as your name and contact email will not be used to identify your responses, so answer candidly. The only time you will be contacted about your responses is if you ask for a manager to contact you about your experience, or if you win a great prize!

5. Understand the store survey rules, terms and conditions

Before your submit your survey responses, you will probably be asked to agree to terms and conditions, so it is important to have a read through these. Any information you might need in relation to the survey and/or competition can be found here. Details like when the sweepstakes will be drawn, eligibility requirements and whether the prize is cash, a coupon or a gift card, can be found in the terms and conditions.

6. Utilise the helpful ‘About Survey’ notes

UK Store Surveys  has a great ‘about’ section included in all of their surveys. Key details like the survey link, business website, and official prize can be found in the ‘about’ section towards the end of the survey.

7. Remember to enter your personal and contact details for your chance to win

If you want to win one of the great prizes up for grabs, or some extra cash, it’s necessary to enter your personal and contact details. Some companies will also ask if you’d like regular updates sent to your email address. If you’re a regular shopper this can be a great idea as special offers and coupons are often included in these email updates.

8. Make note of the prize code on your store or restaurant receipt

When you complete a survey, many companies will present a special code on screen. If this is the case, make sure you write this down on your docket and bring it with you on your next visit to redeem this great offer. This code is your prize, so treat it like cash.

9. Get social with Twitter and save money, win prizes and even earn cash!

Social media is a great place for sharing and this is no different when it comes to store savings. To take full advantage of UK Store Surveys, it’s a good idea to start following us on social media. UK Store Surveys posts frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ providing their followers with new survey links, reviews, prizes, offers and other great money saving tips!

10. Subscribe to your favourite surveys for more savings via email

UK Store Surveys accommodates those who prefer to receive updates via email. All you have to do is sign up to the UK Store Surveys mailing list, and you will be sent lots of great deals, discounts as well as opportunities to win cash and prizes, right to your inbox!


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